CCFD – Terre Solidaire (Comité Catholique contre la Faim et pour le Développement - Terre Solidaire)


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CCFD-Terre Solidaire works with the world’s most vulnerable populations against all forms of injustice—and above all the injustice of not having enough to eat. Tackling hunger is a precondition for addressing all other injustices such as poverty and inequalities in access to education and healthcare.

The project at a glance

As part of its project to migrate from its old donor relationship management application to Salesforce, CCFD-Terre Solidaire commissioned Hardis Group to set up a platform for managing data exchange flows at scale and ensuring recovered data met the necessary quality and performance standards.

“Our CRM migration project was a success thanks in large part to the work performed by Hardis Group, as well as its technical expertise and attention to detail.
The Hardis Group team got to grips with our old data model, which our functional teams had little idea about (the old database was managed by a third party).
They led workshops on data recovery and setting up exchange flows. These were highly instructive and delivered with patience, and the well-designed content really helped our functional teams understand these complex issues.
As well as making the project a success, Hardis Group’s work has also allowed us to keep upgrading the platform as new requirements arise.
Since the project ended, we’ve continued working with Hardis Group via a third-party application and operational maintenance contract to develop new exchange interfaces between our systems and providers.”

Julien Carlier – CCFD Terre Solidaire 

Project objectives

  • Set up reliable data exchange flows at scale
  • Reliably migrate from the old CRM system to Salesforce
    • Transfer data 
    • Manage data quality and optimize performance

Work performed


  • Creation of the application architecture
    • Drew up the technical architecture document (TAD)
    • Set up the Data Integration component and installed the platforms 
  • Design and completion of the Salesforce integration
    • Led exploratory workshops and established data quality rules (source system/target system)
    • Developed 15 data recovery flows, with error management, quality remediation and anonymization
    • Developed 12 data exchange flows to integrate Salesforce with the information system (batch and event interfaces)
  • Third-party application maintenance



  • Reliable data migration to Salesforce
  • Improvement in data quality
  • Reliable, high-performance data exchanges 
  • Monitoring of data exchange performance
  • New central component capable of handling future integration requirements

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