In today’s increasingly data-driven world, organizations need to manage constantly growing volumes of information. For businesses, having data that’s properly governed—and that everyone in the organization can access easily, effectively, and in a controlled way—is becoming a strategic priority. And beyond issues of data quality, companies’ business and investment decisions are now focused around how to extract value from—or “monetize”—the information at their disposal.

At Hardis Group, our experts are here to support your data-related operations at every level, no matter how mature your data strategy is. Our offering spans everything from strategy development and deployment, through to setting up the right systems and extracting value from your data—all in a way that’s tailored to your line of business. Thanks to our versatile team of technical and business experts, we can develop a solution that aligns with your organization’s core requirements.


Data Governance : the cornerstone of business performance

When it comes to business performance, data governance is now a must-have. 

Data Integration - consulting, build, and facilities management

Consulting, implementation, hosting, TPAM and run services.

Data for business: Harness the power of data

Our experts can review and classify your data with a view to transforming your business strategy

Data intelligence : get the most out of your data

Field combining concepts and techniques from computer science, statistics, AI and data analysis.

Flow as a Service

Hardis Group can help you set up your exchange platform based on Talend technologies.