Omnichannel supply chain: where do factories fit in?

20/11/2019 | Expert opinion - Jérôme Pedreno, Business Developer, Logistics Solutions, Hardis Group

The growth of marketplaces means that manufacturers are now selling directly to their end clients. Today's connected, automated factories are no longer merely places where things are made: they are becoming fully fledged logistics hubs where firms process B2B and B2C flows—and pick and ship e-commerce orders. Orchestrating intralogistics processes and flows with greater precision gives manufact...

Edge computing: the ideal addition to cloud computing for distributed AI

20/09/2019 | Expert opinion - Damien Pasquinelli, CTO, Advanced Solutions, Hardis Group

Edge computing offers a solution to the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), providing the capability to store and process data right where it is generated, in close proximity to sensors and other connected devices. Combining this new-generation distributed architecture with the centralized cloud computing model is a cost-efficient way to distribute artificial intelligence (AI).

Will we all, insiders included, be consultants by 2030?

17/04/2019 | Expert opinion - Philippe Le Gloahec, Consultant Manager, Hardis Group

Will we all be consultants by 2030? This is a big question that has come up time and again in recent years. But it isn't always framed in the right way. The real issue isn't about employees' status or the supposed end of employment contracts, but rather about the future of organizations and the role that their members play-both within and outside.

Omnichannel logistics: a marriage of convenience between stores and e-commerce firms

20/02/2019 | Expert opinion - Pauline Poissonnier, pre-sales consultant, logistics solutions, Hardis Group

With omnichannel logistics, retail outlets and e-commerce firms are pooling their traditional strengths to address the challenges they face. As stores become local warehouses, they need to be better organized and improve how they work.

No artificial intelligence without collective intelligence

09/01/2019 | Expert opinion - Philippe Le Gloahec, Consultant Manager, Hardis Group

Artificial intelligence is a source of uncertainty, fear and enthusiasm. But whatever we think of AI, its march will continue at pace in the coming years. So now is a good time to think again about how organisations can develop collective intelligence.

What will the logistics warehouse look like a few years from now?

22/11/2017 | Expert opinion - Jean-Yves Costa, Deputy Manager of Logistics Solutions at Hardis Group.

Which technologies will be heavily integrated into warehouses in the future? Some trends are already taking shape such as robotization, automation, artificial intelligence and connected warehouses. It is, however, difficult to imagine that all warehouses will look alike in the future due to the diverse range and ever-changing specific requirements in each sector, types of logistics flows and cu...

Insurance and connected devices: bespoke, but not without trust

05/07/2017 | Expert opinion - Dorine Millot, Business Consulting consultant

Insurers see connected devices as an opportunity to create new products, precisely adapted to each individual. Such insurance plans will only appeal to insured parties on condition of financial gain or substantial value creation and if they're certain that any collected data is subject to powerful protection.

7 key success factors for your DevOps procedure

28/06/2017 | Expert opinion - Maxime Orand, Consultant, Hardis Group

Although on paper the DevOps procedure looks like a winner, we have to accept that sometimes, despite the best will in the world, in reality it is not a compelling solution. This is due to a lack of preparation, and because the steps are not followed correctly. 7 essential points to be familiar with before starting (or to correct a procedure that has got bogged down).

Can DevOps and ITIL be reconciled?

23/05/2017 | Expert opinion - Maxime Orand, Consultant, Hardis Group

There is nothing new about being tempted to wipe the slate clean when a new approach is introduced. However, a good medium-term approach is to take the best from each methodology. DevOps and ITIL have what it takes to achieve efficient development and operations management without sacrificing precision or creativity.

Mobile application development. Never without a strategy!

08/03/2017 | Expert opinion - Cédric Belmont, Business Solutions manager, Hardis Group

Pointless, unknown or even misleading: how many mobile applications have met with only critical success, very often within the immediate circle of their designers? Conversely, when guided by a clear services strategy, built on a robust IT base and framed within efficient industrial processes, mobile applications have everything they need to succeed.