Consumer expectations are changing, as people increasingly seek out higher quality, environmentally friendly, locally sourced, safer, more transparent and traceable food. At Hardis Group, we are supporting digital transformation in sustainable agribusiness, helping our clients grow their sales, gain a competitive edge, and streamline their logistics.

Reinventing customer relations and working with your ecosystem

Drawing on our solid track record in web and mobile application design and Salesforce CRM integration, we can help you develop applications that let you:

  • Build close bonds with your members and clients
  • Do business more easily with your suppliers and distributors
  • Showcase your products, your expertise, your CSR practices, and your local produce
  • Maximize your local environmental and social impact (hires, local sourcing, and more)

Growing sales directly and via your distribution network

Our teams will help you grow your sales and raise service standards with your distributors and end consumers, both in France and around the world:

  • Deploying BtoB and BtoC e-commerce portals and solutions
  • Automating acquisition and loyalty marketing campaigns
  • Developing sales support tools for field and office salespeople
  • Designing complaint and after-sales tracking applications

Streamlining your logistics operations and enhancing traceability

Our Reflex WMS warehouse management system builds on more than 20 years of R&D and user feedback. It addresses all the major logistics challenges that agribusiness firms face:

  • Gain efficiency across all logistics processes: incoming deliveries, storage, order picking, and shipping
  • Keep logistics, storage, and transport costs down
  • Get full traceability across all products and flows, from field to fork
  • Handle the specifics of agribusiness—storage constraints (temperature, humidity, etc.), use-by dates, date contracts, and more