Bongénie Grieder


Distribution, luxury goods and CPG


Bongénie Grieder, part of the Brunschwig Group, is a high-end fashion brand with 15 retail outlets across Switzerland.

The project at a glance
In today’s fast-changing retail environment, major brands are rethinking their distribution processes and transitioning to a more agile, personalized, omnichannel experience. 
Against this backdrop, Bongénie Grieder turned to Hardis Group to help it accelerate its shift to an omnichannel e-commerce model via a far-reaching project with the following aims: 
  • Offer a seamless and increasingly personalized customer experience
  • Unlock data and build a more agile ecosystem
  • Ensure teams on the ground play a full role in the omnichannel model

Hardis Group gave senior managers across our various departments a comprehensive overview. With the key business and technical projects identified, it made it easier to see what changes we needed to make to achieve our priorities. Hardis Group also helped us create a resource we use to secure buy-in across our workforce.

Their expert business advice, pragmatic approach and deep knowledge of IT/e-commerce were key aspects of the support they provided.

Hugo ROCHE, Digital & Marketing Director 

Project objectives

  • Review and document Bongénie Grieder’s priorities, strategy and ecosystem
  • Define the target experiences: 
    • Design the target customer experience 
    • Design the omnichannel employee experience in view of the customer experience
  • Review and document data and process requirements: design the target IT ecosystem
  • Propose a digital acceleration scenario based on the expected strategic outcomes

Work performed

  • Adopted a requirement-driven approach
  • Organized design-thinking workshops to define the omnichannel customer and employee experiences
  • Converted these experiences into data and process requirements
  • Defined the target IT ecosystem
  • Defined cross-cutting transformation projects: governance, businesses and IT


  • Clear roadmap adopted by all stakeholders (senior management, stores, IT and marketing teams)
  • IT, business and governance projects defined
  • Target ecosystem and data and retail flows documented
  • Post-project support in selecting the new e-commerce platform
    • Online, multi-brand customer journeys documented 
    • Specifications drawn up 
    • Support with choosing from available solutions
    • Support with choosing integrators


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