At Hardis Group, our corporate culture is shaped by the human values that we embody and champion in everything we do.

We foster a climate where people have the confidence to take the initiative and innovate.

With employees in more than 70 different roles, our workforce is a melting pot of backgrounds and personalities. We are all different, but we move forward as one. That's what makes us so special!

A rewarding career in a solid group

At Hardis Group, we are a close-knit workforce of more than 1,200 people. We have been growing steadily for more than 35 years.

Friendliness and authenticity are the bedrock of our corporate culture. These values play out each and every day—in how we build open relationships, how we smile and laugh, and how we leave formalities at the door.

Join us!

Daring to be bold

At Hardis Group, we encourage our people to take the initiative and come up with new ways to create value. And we reward those whose ideas come to fruition.

Our managers build close bonds with their team-members, making sure everyone is happy, confident enough to take the initiative, and always giving their best.

Our Eyesee inventory-taking drone is a prime example of that freedom in action. The idea was a joint initiative by our logistics experts and an employee with a passion for model-building. The drone has grown to become one of our flagship projects, winning awards at the CES trade shows in Las Vegas and Shanghai.

Growing together

At Hardis Group, we offer rewarding careers because we are more than sum of our parts.

Our people share their knowledge and expertise, and broaden their horizons by learning new skills.

We sponsor events such as AWS Transformation Day, Agile En Seine, Startup Weekend, and more.

We give our employees the freedom to speak at and organize meetups, meet & share sessions, and other events in their areas of expertise—from machine learning and UX design, to data intelligence and agile methods.


For several years Hardis Group has been working on a specific approach to promote the gender equality within the company, despite a particularly masculine environment.

Women represent 30% of our workforce, which places us among the best employers of women in the IT sector.

Hardis Group is also determined to be attentive to gender equality, whether in terms of representativeness, position or evolution.

We are determined to pursue this approach to improve our ranking.

In 2020, Hardis Group scored 88/100 in the Gender Equality Index.