People, First and Foremost

Working together is about sharing the same mindset and values. At Hardis Group, we nurture conviviality, team spirit and being genuine. It is what makes the difference for our employees, partners and clients. Simple and supportive relationships, along with accessibility regardless of position, are key priorities for us. Welcoming people from all backgrounds enriches our lives everyday. People are at the core of each of our achievements.

The Freedom to Act

Bringing new ideas to life means providing the resources to turn them into action. At Hardis Group, we support personal initiatives as well as meaningful and effective projects. For us, having the freedom to act signifies trust in our teams. They can dare. They enjoy challenging themselves and are eager to fulfil their potential.

Going the Extra Mile Together

Development is synonymous with learning. At Hardis Group, we share our knowledge and expertise so that our colleagues flourish in their endeavors. We promote job conversions to IT and offer scope for career progression through our various activities and trajectories, in France and abroad. Being part of Hardis Group means getting involved in exciting projects that make an impact on clients.

Climb Aboard

Joining Hardis Group means becoming an integral part of a company with an ambitious strategy, both in France and internationally. Together, we’re committed to creating an inclusive, ethical and environmentally-responsible digital world. We believe in the ability of each and every person to transform our company and environment, all in the interest of achieving our goals side by side.