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The client is a French private equity firm operating in all sectors and focusing on leveraged buyouts and growth capital. For more than 30 years, the client has been supporting SMEs and mid-caps through majority shareholdings, in France, Benelux, Germany and Spain.

The project at a glance

As part of the due diligence phase ahead of the proposed acquisition of a telecoms business, carved out from an industrial group, the client commissioned Hardis Group to carry out IT due diligence.

Project objectives

  • Identify and assess IT risks 
  • Challenge aspects of the IT budget
  • Propose IT change scenarios (projects for implementation, etc.)

Work performed

  • Reviewed documentation and took part in Q&A sessions with the seller
  • Prepared and presented the due diligence report
    • Analyzed the existing IT architecture by domain (organization, infrastructure & network, ERP system, applications)
    • Identified IT risks associated with the acquisition and proposed mitigations
    • Performed a macro review of the seller’s estimated IT budget, taking the identified risks into account


  • Process launched and completed quickly
  • Key IT priorities and challenges for the acquisition target identified for the coming years

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