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31/03/2021 - Virtual Warehouse: Reflex WMS gains a new logistic site configuration and visual management feature

Virtual Warehouse, a new feature included as standard in Hardis Group’s Reflex WMS warehouse management software, can be used to create a graphic representation of logistics warehouses and plant storage zones. The high-precision mapping functionality supports easier system configuration, real-time management, and continuous improvement across sites and operational processes. 

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25/01/2021 - Denkavit chooses Reflex WMS to manage logistics for its production and distribution operations

The Dutch company, which is specialized in young animal nutrition and feed ingredients, has turned to Reflex WMS for Factory to manage a new line-side raw material storage warehouse at one of its production facilities. Eventually, Denkavit will migrate logistics management for all its production lines and distribution warehouses located in Voorthuizen over to Hardis Group’s software.

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