The creation of G4 Services marks a major milestone in Hardis Group’s multicloud strategy. The new arm offers four services based around Google Cloud Platform: skills support, information system modernization, data exploitation, and business-focused cloud solutions.

Grenoble, July 8, 2021 – Hardis Group, a consulting firm, digital services company and independent software vendor, has strengthened its multicloud strategy with the creation of G4 Services, its new arm dedicated to Google Cloud Platform. Building on the group’s business and technology expertise, G4 Services caters primarily to customers in retail, logistics, manufacturing, insurance, luxury goods, fast-moving consumer goods, and food processing, as well as to so-called “digital native” firms. Hardis Group is aiming to grow G4 Services’ workforce to around 150 people by 2025.

A cloud pure player with a strong business focus

As digital transformation accelerates at pace, businesses are turning to public cloud technologies as a way to create value through innovation, meet market demand, and maintain their competitive edge. 

G4 Services offers four services that cater precisely to these requirements: 

  • G4 Skills: providing Google Cloud Platform (GCP) skills and expertise through technical assistance or via service centers.
  • G4 Modernization: modernizing information systems through native developments and infrastructure migration (replatforming or no code).
  • G4 Data: exploiting data via the GCP PaaS model or by providing an SaaS-style data management platform built on GCP.
  • G4 Business: harnessing the technology expertise of G4 Modernization and G4 Data to cater to business- and industry-specific requirements (retail, logistics, manufacturing, insurance, food processing, luxury goods, fast-moving consumer goods, and “digital native” firms).

“As IT infrastructure evolves and transforms, G4 Services will enable us to accelerate the benefits of public cloud technologies for SMEs and mid-sized firms, and to deliver solutions that allow large companies to deploy business-focused data strategies,”, explains Damien Pasquinelli, who heads up G4 Services.

A strategy based on GCP certification

Hardis Group has developed GCP expertise by working on new business solutions and projects involving emerging technologies. The G4 Services is a clear statement of intent, as the company aims to have 30 employees trained and certified in GCP by the end of the year. Hardis expects that the specialized arm will employ around 150 people by 2025.

These ambitions align with Hardis Group’s recent shift to a deliberate multicloud strategy, combining GCP, Microsoft Azure, Salesforce, and AWS to deliver on business-specific requirements.

We believe that our two-pronged strategy—combining business priorities and information system transformation—caters to the practical demands of G4 Services’ target markets,” adds Pasquinelli. “Our longstanding multicloud strategy remains as relevant now as ever.”