Shiptify is a modular, user-friendly transport management and dock appointment-making application that works seamlessly alongside Hardis Group’s Reflex WMS warehouse management system.

Grenoble, April 7, 2021 – Hardis Group, a consulting firm, digital services company and independent software vendor, has signed a partnership deal with Shiptify, the developer of the self-named transport management platform. The agreement means that Reflex WMS users will now have access to the easy-to-use application, which simplifies the process of arranging carrier appointments, and managing and tracking transport purchases.

Digitizing the warehouse appointment-making process 
Managing incoming and outgoing trucks at warehouse docks is a complex process—not least because, in many cases, logistics teams and carriers still communicate by phone or email. Shiptify has developed a digital application for making carrier appointments at logistics docks, covering both inbound and outbound deliveries. In order to promote user uptake and shorten the learning curve, every part of the platform boasts a user-friendly design—from the configuration interfaces right through to the carrier-side appointment-making screens.

Aside from streamlining the appointment-making process for carriers, Shiptify delivers gains across the entire logistics value chain: the receipt and dispatch schedule is updated in real time, meaning warehouse flows can be adjusted and optimized on the fly.

An end-to-end transport management system
While Shiptify’s appointment-making system can be deployed as a standalone module, the platform functions as a fully-fledged transport management system (TMS) that supports seamless, efficient collaboration between logistics managers and carriers. Features include purchasing management (automatic cost calculation requests, carrier price comparison, transport spend monitoring), as well as management and tracking of transport operations across all modes: road, sea, air, rail, courier and urban delivery. The application also generates a tracking link for end customers, allowing them to interact directly with carriers.

The interface between Shiptify and Reflex is handled by an API. In practice, the WMS sends transport orders to the TMS, which then manages them. Once the order has been assigned to a carrier and confirmed, this information is then sent back to Reflex. 

Shiptify is already used by more than 3,000 companies, including shippers, carriers, freight brokers and logistics service providers. The platform is an accessible and affordable option for businesses of all sizes, thanks to its simple design, ease of use, and straightforward fee model, with a fixed cost per warehouse for the appointment-making module and per transport order for the TMS.