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01/07/2020 - Decathlon Réunion switches to Reflex In-Store Logistics

Decathlon Réunion has deployed Hardis Group’s Reflex In-Store Logistics, a turnkey application for retail logistics management with a short learning curve. The move follows the retailer’s decision to roll out Reflex WMS warehouse management system to industrialize stock management and logistics processes across its stores.

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23/10/2019 - Vision insights by hardis group: using visual recognition and ai to enhance logistics performance

With Vision Insights powered by Xi IoT and its image recognition and analysis technology, Hardis Group is paving the way to a new generation of applications for the supply chain using machine-learning mechanisms. Co-innovated with an international client for one of its warehouses, the application is used to create a real-time digital twin of a warehouse and exploit the data to optimize certain ...

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17/04/2019 - Will we all, insiders included, be consultants by 2030?

Will we all be consultants by 2030? This is a big question that has come up time and again in recent years. But it isn't always framed in the right way. The real issue isn't about employees' status or the supposed end of employment contracts, but rather about the future of organizations and the role that their members play-both within and outside.

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