For IT departments, effective software testing is vital because it helps them meet time-to-market reduction, project ROI, user satisfaction, and security targets. At Hardis Group, we are recognized experts in software testing. We have our own dedicated service center and offer comprehensive application testing support.

Software testing strategy: anticipate and target efforts

Our consultants will help you at every stage of the process, from defining a context-appropriate testing strategy, to managing testing operations and security:

  • Defining testing scope and depth according to requirements (functional tests, non-regression tests, performance tests, penetration tests), risks and criticality.
  • Determining testing processes and methodologies.
  • Implementing best practices and tools to manage your test repository or to automate your tests.
  • Liaising between stakeholders (development team, product owner, project manager, business/operating personnel) to arrange tests.
  • Deploying dashboards to track software quality.

New practices, new technologies, new testing approaches

These days, your applications are multi-device (smartphone, tablet, web browser), pull data from external sources (open data, social media, partner information systems, connected objects, etc.) and include in-built AI technologies (machine learning, blockchain, etc.). They are changing ever more rapidly to meet the requirements of your internal or external clients.

Digitization has led to changes in the way we test. Our consultants help you to ensure the quality of your extensive, hybrid and ever-changing information system with new testing approaches:

  • Digital multi-device and multi-platform testing: ergonomics, performance, e-reputation, security
  • Agile testing, continuous testing and integration (DevOps), test-driven development, test automation
  • IoT testing of the whole chain of components (sensors, device, M2M, telecoms, big data, etc.)

Industrialization of testing processes: test with increased speed and efficiency

Our ISTQB/CFTL-certified consultants will help you to optimize your testing processes:

  • Diagnosis of your testing processes according to the TMMi standard
  • Helping you choose and implement testing tools
  • Test automation
  • Setting up a testing center
  • Delivering testing training to your teams
  • Outsourcing testing: on a case-by-case or on-demand basis

We also have a dedicated testing service center, based on the “testing as a service” model, so you can keep your testing costs down and get expert insights on your business applications.

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