Our mobile testing specialists can help you to draw up and implement an efficient digital testing strategy to ensure the quality of your mobile and tablet applications and offer a homogeneous and efficient user experience whichever device is used. Our tests are equipped to take into account the requirements and specific demands of mobile computing while keeping costs down.

Moving towards a strategy of global and omni-channel digital testing

The customer journey is now omni-channel. Your applications need to offer an enriched user experience on smartphones, tablets and computers. Our teams can help you to implement a global and omni-channel digital testing strategy which is tailored to your business objectives and requirements.

And because users are increasingly demanding and quick to criticize applications which fail to work properly despite mobile application lifecycles and time-to-market being ever shorter, we help you to set up agile digital testing to continuously improve the quality of your mobile applications and optimize your e-reputation, taking into account web users' feedback.

Tests designed to meet the specific requirements of mobile applications

The quality of mobile applications is crucial to their adoption. Their specific requirements mean that tests have to cover a wide scope:

  • Compatibility testing: checking that your application functions properly on the main devices, OS or browsers on the market
  • User experience and usability testing
  • Situation and usage testing for mobile devices: geolocation, camera, network connectivity (Edge, 3G, 4G, Wifi, etc.) and connection with connected objects (Bluetooth)
  • Data synchronization testing with back office applications
  • Performance, load and security testing
  • Store deployment testing and user satisfaction monitoring

Tools for accelerating and industrializing mobile testing

Hardis Group and its partners help you to put in place the right tools for industrializing your mobile testing and ensuring application reliability, in particular:

  • BrowserStack and Sauce Labs for multi-OS simulations, browsers, devices, configurations
  • Perfecto Mobile for checking the actual behavior of devices using Selenium scripts with an on-demand approach: you only test when you need to.
  • HP ALM, UFT for putting in place large-scale mobile testing solutions

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