Logistics and transport service providers


A subsidiary of SNCF, Geodis is a major player in the transport and logistics fields, present directly in 67 countries and with a global network lining over 120 countries. Geodis ranks seventh in the world and fourth in Europe in its sector.

The project at a glance

To perform its transport services, Geodis has chosen to develop its own freight management software in-house. To guarantee the quality of this core business application, the tests are carried out by a four-person testing team, which certifies the deliverables before they are put into production. To ensure that all those involved (project manager, testing team and management) with testing are working in the same way, Hardis Group offered support combining training and serious games.

Project objectives

  • Understand the challenges and importance of testing to ensure software quality
  • Master test design techniques and apply them through practical cases
  • Make sure staff are carrying out tests in the same way, identify difficulties and propose areas for improvement

Work performed

  • Initial training to understand the challenges and techniques of test design
  • Game-based workshop to attain the objectives, making sure that all those involved agree on the way to implement testing and defining the test roadmap: creating a special serious game around the "Back to the Future" scenario and running a Lego Serious Play workshop called “Towards success”.


  • Bringing out obstacles and problems that had not been perceived by managers
  • Providing the test team with greater legitimacy with regard to the project manager
  • Identification of areas for improving application testing techniques and practices
  • Setting up a 2019 roadmap for the testing unit

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