Geoptis, La Poste group




La Poste founded Geoptis to generate new ideas for local services. The company provides road assessment and decision-making support services to local authorities responsible for managing and maintaining road networks.

The project at a glance

The idea behind Geoptis' service is simple: postal workers' vehicles are fitted with cameras that assess road conditions, and identify and geolocate “incidents” (such as potholes, cracks, etc.). Some 80% of the shots are taken on standard postal rounds. The remaining 20% require the postal worker to take special routes in his or her vehicle.

Geoptis commissioned Hardis Group to conduct a feasibility study and to develop an algorithm to optimize these special journeys.

Project objectives

  • Optimize special journeys to reduce distance traveled
  • Assess whether an artificial intelligence solution would be suited to this particular use case
  • Develop the AI-based solution

Work performed

  • Use case feasibility study (completed in three weeks)
  • Development of the AI solution (completed in two months)
  • Coupling of the calculated journey with a GPS system so that the postal worker merely has to following the directions


  • 20-30% reduction in distances traveled by postal workers on special journeys
  • Driver safety improvements (fully guided route)

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