Cerqual Qualitel Certification




Cerqual Qualitel Certification is the body that awards NF Habitat and NF Habitat HQE certification. It is part of Qualitel, an organization that provides quality assessment support for new-build, renovated and lived-in multi-occupancy and individual housing throughout France.

The project at a glance

Cerqual is aiming to play a leading role in the digital transition in the housing sector. In 2015, certification body Qualitel began digitizing key housing quality assessment processes, which had previously relied on hard-copy documents and Excel spreadsheets. For phase one of the process, it asked Hardis Group to develop a single, standardized, more efficient system for housing acoustic assessments.

Project objectives

  • Digitize and standardize the acoustic assessment process
  • Create a practical, user-friendly system fully aligned with user needs
  • Support major shifts in business practices
  • Trial agile methods to streamline development and increase uptake

Work performed

  • Test sprint to persuade Cerqual to commission Hardis Group to perform the work
  • Agile development of a business application: 550 person-days (450 for Hardis Group, 100 for Cerqual)
  • Application testing and acceptance testing


  • User-friendly system fully aligned with user needs (involvement of an acoustics experts on a part-time basis, plus consultation of three super-users at all times throughout the project)

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