Manufacturing and Energy


GEG is a local semi-public corporation that produces renewable energy, manages Grenoble’s power grid and gas distribution network, supplies electricity and gas throughout France, and provides street lighting services

The project at a glance

With the energy sector evolving at pace, GEG wants to upgrade its business information system in order to simplify data collection and analysis, to improve customer interfaces, and to make it easier for its technical staff to work on the move.

Project objectives

  • Become more responsive, reduce reliance on outside support, and keep pace with regulatory and market developments
  • Interface the system with other information systems (internal and external)
  • Be capable of acquiring, storing, and processing meter information in order to produce forecasts and expose data
  • Make it easier for technical staff to work on the move, and free up employees from manual tasks with no added value
  • Improve customer interfaces
  • Simplify data collection and analysis to support decision-making


Work performed

  • Determined and documented the functional and technical requirements, as identified by business leads, in order to develop the functional tender matrix
  • Drafted the special technical specifications and the technical response framework outlining the requirements for integration (Build) and for support throughout the term of the contract (Services and TPAM – Run)
  • Organized and led business workshops ahead of the bid assessment phase
  • Drew up the assessment matrices for the bids and interviews
  • Led bid scoring sessions
  • Drafted the assessment summary document to support the final decision made by the tender committee




  • Ongoing support for business leads and the tender management team through to the final decision
  • Documented selection criteria in accordance with GEG’s strategy and business requirements
  • Forward planning ahead of the integration project

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