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As a global specialist in energy management and automation with operations in more than 100 countries, Schneider Electric offers integrated solutions across multiple market segments, including residential and non-residential building, data centers, infrastructure and industry.

The project at a glance

Schneider Electric launched a Data Factory program to expand data processing and exploitation capabilities for its customers and partners via a platform. The company called in Hardis Group to help it set up and organize the team. Hardis Group also provided technical expertise during the roll-out of the platform and the initial data processing and provisioning pipelines, keeping customers and partners at the center of the process.

What the customer said: “Hardis Group’s input was extremely helpful in organizing and putting together the team. They also helped foster an agile mindset during the roll-out of the initial use cases. The Hardis Group team was incredibly responsive to changes and kept our customers and partners at the center of the developments at all times.”

Herveig Lecuyer, Data Factory Program Lead, Schneider Electric

Project objectives

  • Expand data processing and exploitation capabilities for customers and partners
  • Switch from “incubator” mode to an industrial approach
  • Harness Data Factory capabilities to process and prepare data for exploitation in AI-based business use cases

Work performed

  • Support from a Scrum Master to create and organize the team:
    • Audited existing agile practices
    • Proposed, implemented and embedded a new agile governance model
    • Facilitated several workshops (setting team ground rules, brainstorming on team purpose, etc.)
  • Provision of resources to implement and roll out the data engineering platform:
    • Helped implement the DevOps strategy, including the CI/CD process
    • Defined several platform architecture components, with validation via POCs
    • Implemented data processing pipelines, working closely with customers and partners, based on business use cases
    • Implemented libraries as part of a standardization strategy


  • Helped embed an agile mindset in the team
  • Contributed to the success of the Data Factory program on two fronts: organizational (management, reporting, internal and external communication) and technological (expertise in Azure, DevOps and data processing)
  • Fostered clear and open communication, both internally and with customers and partners, helping to boost operational performance

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