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The project at a glance

Since 2021, Hardis Group has been working at the customer’s premises to identify projects and draw up a roadmap that places data at the heart of the company’s strategy.  Following an initial audit, our experts recommended a BI architecture and related organizational structure, as well as a data-flow management process using Talend (for which Hardis Group serves as an integrator). Since then, our consultants have worked on Talend-related projects as well as on BI projects, on a billable-hours basis.

Project objectives

  • Improve data quality
  • Ensure easier data access in business applications and the BI tool

Work performed

  • Conducted a data audit: issued BI architecture and organization/scale-up recommendations
  • Conducted a PIP audit (planning optimization)
    • Issued organizational and technical recommendations (Talend projects)
    • Issued technical architecture and HMI recommendations
  • Participated in the Talend i2Loader project: created operational data retrieval and transformation flows for faster, automated calculation of various production plans. The i2 optimization tool produces contextually optimized production plans.
  • ODI migration to Talend: redesigned incoming data flows to the Hyperion EPM and migrated flows to the OCI Cloud (formerly hosted on AWS)
  • RapidResponse: set up Talend flows to enable interaction between existing tools and the new advanced planning tool (Kinaxis RapidResponse)
  • Partial Jaggaer interface: created a partial data flow between the Jaggaer SRM application and the Oracle ERP system
  • Technical assistance:
    • Set up BI reports for procurement and equipment operations
    • Managed the e-Data project, which aimed to modernize the tools used to provide product data to customers with each order
    • Maintained e-Data flows using BizTalk


  • Reduced maintenance costs for data flows and application interfaces
  • Improved data quality
  • Faster information processing
  • Optimized BI processes, with scaled upstream steps (between determining requirements and drawing up specifications)

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