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Galian, founded in 1965, is a mutual insurance group providing services to the real-estate industry. The group comprises insurance company Galian Assurances and brokerage firm Galian Courtage. Galian provides real-estate transaction and property management insurance—financial guarantees, professional indemnity insurance, unpaid rent guarantees, legal protection, comprehensive buildings and contents insurance, and more—to over 11,000 members and policyholders, allowing them to protect both themselves and their customers.

The project at a glance

Galian uses IBM i (formerly AS/400) environments to design and upgrade custom management applications that meet its specific requirements. Since 2013, the mutual insurance group has been using the Adelia Studio development platform to build new features and modernize two key business applications: one for managing unpaid rent, and another for its brokerage products.

In 2023, Galian began migrating to Adelia Cloud as it looked to transform its Windows client/server-based brokerage product management tool into a fully-fledged application with a Java- and HTML5-based front office and an IBM i-based back office, enabling it to be accessed from a web browser. Eventually, the group plans to migrate its other management applications to a web-ready environment.


« We’re very happy with the application upgrade capabilities offered by Adelia Studio. On top of that, we’ve built a strong partnership with Hardis Group, who support us—on a fixed-price basis—in modernizing our applications, conducting PoCs, providing expert input, and even running application tests. Their consultants have exactly the right knowledge and experience to meet our requirements. »

Zaïd Zarbout, IT Back Office Manager, Galian


Project objectives

  • Modernize business management applications
  • Speed up the development process for new features
  • Enhance the user experience with next-generation screens
  • Open up access to IBM i applications through APIs and web services
  • Reduce the TCO of applications (maintenance, updates, etc.) by making them available from a web browser

Work performed

  • Upgraded applications on a fixed-price or billable-hours basis
  • Provided expert input, in particular on application architecture matters
  • Conducted the PoC for the front office
  • Ran application tests


  • Tool-related benefits:
    • Adelia Cloud: user-friendly working environment with a short learning curve for developers
    • Adelia Studio used in conjunction with ARCAD Software version management and at-scale deployment tools
  • Operational and business benefits:
    • A more open architecture for the brokerage product management application, which can now use external services (company registration number, zip code, etc.) through APIs
    • IBM i-based application available through a browser, eliminating the need for installation on individual workstations
    • Ability to interface with other applications, opening up IBM i-based applications

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