Aura Océan Indien


Logistics and transport service providers


Import, logistics and distribution specialist Aura Océan Indien connects manufacturers in Europe, Asia and Africa with shops, hotels, restaurants and major retailers in Réunion, including names such as Leclerc, Carrefour, Leader Price, Hyper U, Jumbo, Mr.Bricolage, Weldom, Leroy Merlin and more.

The project at a glance

Aura Océan Indien turned to Hardis Group for support as it expands its business and diversifies its operations during a period of succession. The firm was looking for assistance with developing a business transformation plan, and for outside support to help the executive committee implement the new vision.

Project objectives

  • Develop a shared vision of the business over a 3-5 year time frame, and map out future governance arrangements. 
  • Deliver core management skills training to the executive committee and managers. 
  • Train middle managers to work more independently, freeing up time for executives.
  • Prepare the business for succession from the founder, chairman and CEO (father) to its managing directors (sons). 
  • Develop more robust logistics processes to cope with business growth.


Work performed

  • Reviewing the current management structure. 
  • Assessing various succession scenarios.
  • Performing group work with the executive committee and managers. 
  • Delivering group coaching, regulation and team-building for the executive committee. 
  • Providing individual coaching to three executives (members of the owning family). 
  • Delivering leadership training and practice to the executive committee. 
  • Consulting on supply-chain organization and scale-up using Reflex WMS.



  • Optimized supply chain to cope with business growth.
  • Restored trust within the organization.
  • Smoother relationships within the executive committee and with front-line managers. 
  • Teams better equipped to operate independently, think ahead, embrace organizational change and problem-solve. 
  • A leader with a renewed sense of purpose and a broader view of what leadership entails.

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