The UiPath Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform automates repetitive, low-value-added tasks, improving operational performance, client satisfaction and employee engagement. At Hardis Group, we can support you throughout the process: from selecting RPA-eligible tasks, to continuously improving the underlying processes.

Process transformation and automation strategy

As experts in business process transformation and digitization, we can help you identify what changes you need to make to your organization and draw up an automation strategy that delivers tangible, measurable strategic and operational benefits:

  • Identifying RPA-eligible tasks and processes

  • Conducing pre-automation studies and analyses (feasibility, stakeholder workshops, ROI, HR and IT impacts, etc.)

  • Drawing up a process automation roadmap.

RPA deployment and change management

We are on hand to assist you at every stage of your RPA project. Our approach, combining an understanding of your business imperatives with pragmatism and agility, delivers quick, measurable results and supports employee buy-in:

  • Proof of concept: detailed process analysis and scripting (iteration)

  • Deploying automated systems

  • Adapting the information system and extracting relevant data for process automation

  • Managing associated organizational change and transformations

  • Setting up tools and indicators for automated process management.

Continuous improvement of automated processes

Once your RPA platform is up and running, we can help you continuously improve the underlying processes:

  • Tracking and analyzing automated process-related business KPIs

  • Maintaining scripts during information system upgrades (upgrade maintenance)

  • Identifying new use cases.

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