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Locam, a subsidiary of Crédit Agricole Loire-Haute-Loire, delivers a wide range of made-to-measure finance lease, leasing and credit solutions to help its clients—over 3,000 industrial and commercial firms in total—grow their sales.

The project at a glance

In 2018, ahead of deployment of a new ERP system, Locam’s IT department called in Hardis Group to help it explore ways to automate some repetitive, low-value-added operational processes without spending heavily on the legacy ERP. The company opted for UiPath Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

After automating two processes—issuing duplicate invoices and inputting finance lease agreements—Locam plans to roll out UiPath for other tasks and in other departments, including updating bank details (IBANs), issuing overdue invoice reminders, and automating testing and acceptance testing. UiPath has become a strategic part of the firm’s information system as it looks to press ahead with its digital transformation.

Project objectives

  • Automating some processes without spending heavily on the legacy (AS/400) ERP system
  • Achieving efficiency gains on repetitive or low-value-added tasks
  • Getting to grips with new RPA tools


Work performed

  • Identifying repetitive, low-value-added tasks that could be automated
  • Deploying the infrastructure and installing UiPath
  • Developing processes and integrating UiPath with the necessary system components



  • Duplicate invoice requests turned around in 24 hours, compared with 10 days previously
  • 90% of duplicate invoice requests handled without human intervention
  • Data more reliable and input errors eliminated
  • Business teams freed up from time-consuming tasks 
  • Solution deployed across sales administration, debt recovery, IT, and other departments


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