The result of an advanced agile approach on the whole IT chain, DevOps is used to develop, test and deliver digital services and applications to business departments with increased frequency and efficiency. Hardis Group draws on its software vendor and IT services expertise to help you successfully transform your IS department using DevOps.

Transform your IS department with DevOps

Agile IS department: setting up a DevOps-oriented organization

A DevOps approach involves cooperation and collaboration among development, testing and production teams to reduce development, problem-identification and release life cycles (and costs).

Our Business Consulting teams help you to manage and support the transition to an agile IS department:

  • Align operations with business challenges, as agile methods are used to align studies with the business
  • Align studies with real-life operations to make systems more reliable and stable at the same time as controlling costs
  • Instill a service culture shared by your development, quality and operations teams
  • Set up a shared methodology, processes and tools to deliver digital services and applications more quickly

Continuous integration and deployment

An essential addition to agile development and the DevOps approach, the Cloud has paved the way for continuous integration and deployment with its on-the-fly configurable environments which can be brought into play as required.

With Cloud Consulting, workshops and training, we help you to share best practices on AWS and Azure or OnPremise platforms: choice of target platform, interfacing with your existing system, security, etc.

Turnkey DevOps platform

Our teams perform constant monitoring to select, test and assemble the best components - open source or proprietary - to provide you with a turnkey DevOps pipeline:

  • Development: specification writing, modeling, design and development tools
  • Build: code compilation, testing, package creation and deployment tools
  • Run: technical production environments, instrumentation, automation, supervision and access management tools
  • Collaborative tools

A few examples of tools selected by Hardis Group: Atlassian (Jira, Confluence), Bamboo, Jenkin, Nexus, Graddle, ElasticSearch, Logstash, Kibana, Chef, Pupet, RunDeck, Ansible, Centreon/Nagios, Stack ELK and Grafana.