The need for digitization is increasing all the time. The cloud provides flexibility and agility for developing and deploying new services more rapidly, getting the best out of your data, innovating and/or optimizing your business processes and reducing IT costs. Information systems are becoming hybrid. With its Cloud Consulting offering, Hardis Group helps you define your cloud strategy and make the cloud a driver of performance and transformation while capitalizing on your existing IT assets.

Assessing your current assets, digital maturity and requirements

Your business strategy, digital maturity and information system are unique and so is your cloud strategy!
Our consultants help you define your target IS and make and implement the right choices:
  • IS mapping
  • Application use, specific features and criticality audit 
  • Identification of applications/workload eligible for the cloud
  • Cloud business case and ROI evaluation 
  • Definition of requirements relating to data confidentiality and security
  • Definition of IT framework plan, IS upgrade plan and "move to cloud" policy.
  • Help with choosing solutions from the different cloud providers: Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, AWS, SaaS solutions
  • Migration plan (lift & share, re-platforming, cloud-native development, etc.) and deployment of solutions (private cloud, public cloud, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, etc.)
  • Change management and upskilling of teams

Moving towards information system hybridization

Backed by their combined business and technological expertise, Hardis Group's consultants help you to define a cloud strategy suited to your company's challenges, objectives and level of digital maturity:
  • Streamlining and industrializing your information system
  • Reducing or controlling total cost of ownership for your applications, setting up a FinOps approach
  • Difficulties finding resources to run your legacy applications
  • New IT infrastructure/business application deployment times need to be shorter
  • Flexibility to manage workload variations and deploy all your applications
  • Agility to develop and test new innovative services (mobile apps, IoT, blockchain, data intelligence, RPA, etc.)
  • Implementing a DevOps organization and approach

Training, workshops and information days

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