Hardis Group provides end-to-end support to accelerate digital retail, with services ranging from omnichannel strategy consulting to the integration of “best-of-breed“ cloud solutions. We can help you upgrade and modernize your information system so that it aligns with your business requirements and imperatives.

Support to accelerate digital retail

We provide comprehensive support for retail digitization programs, to help you accelerate digital sales in B2B, B2C, and D2C:

  • Baseline review and identification of areas for improvement in order to achieve your stated objectives
  • Definition of the IT platform and cloud components that must be deployed to achieve those objectives
  • Integration of front- and back-office tools to accelerate digital commerce
  • Hosting in our data centers or in the public cloud (Google Cloud Platform or Microsoft Azure).

Shift to “composable commerce“

From a technological perspective, we have developed a MACH (Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, Headless) composable architecture, allowing “best-of-breed“ applications targeting specific requirements to be assembled and added on the fly.

Benefits of this type of architecture:

  • Modular: each application or service can be deployed (and replaced) independently
  • Open: open standards, integration and scalability models for greater interoperability, integration of component customizations
  • Flexible: delivers the adaptability to reach new customer types and sell across new channels and markets
  • Business-centric: all the tools and services needed for retail in one place, while keeping cost and risk under control

Digital commerce

Front-end overhaul to back-office tools

We integrate these various applications using a “composable commerce” approach, spanning everything from digital retail platforms to manage omnichannel sales to the warehouse management system (WMS), content management system (CMS), order management system (OMS) and customer relationship management (CRM) system, as well as systems for managing payments, product catalogues, promotions, and automated marketing campaigns.

Streamlined payment experience

We can help you simplify and modernize the payment experience, and improve how you manage payment and financial flows: subscription systems, anti-fraud tools, refund management, payment flow management for marketplaces, international payment management (supporting country-specific means of payment, taxes, etc.), and more.

Data mining for optimized online sales

Data mining and artificial intelligence technologies are vital to accelerating digital retail. We can help you deploy all the tools you need to maximize your online sales:

  • Urbanization of data flows and alignment of different repositories (customers, products, suppliers, stock, etc.)
  • Analytics for digital selling tools
  • Automated product recommendations
  • Easier product searches
  • Trend forecasting
  • Automatic price adjustment as demand fluctuates, and more

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