Chemistry department at IUT1 Grenoble


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IUT1 Grenoble is a higher institute of technology based at the University of Grenoble in southeastern France. The Chemistry department delivers technical and practical training for future chemistry laboratory technicians, focusing on analysis instruments and methods. 

The project at a glance

The Chemistry department at IUT1 Grenoble is exploring innovative new ways to train students and increase the knowledge retention rate. It asked Hardis Group to develop a series of training of scenarios, in e-learning format, to help learners understand the general principles of analysis methods and to learn how to handle analysis machines in chemistry laboratories.

A total of five scenarios were created using ELIT, a low-code immersive e-learning tool launched by Hardis Group three years ago. The tool combines Unity, a cross-platform game development system, with multimedia resources and Excel spreadsheets (scenarios and narration). The modules can be accessed via a web browser on the institute’s Moodle learning management system (LMS).

Project objectives

  • Expand opportunities for self-guided learning 
  • Create an instructive tool providing a virtual tour of a practical lab environment
  • Provide students with immersive courses that teach the general principles of analysis techniques and explain how to handle chemical analysis machines 
  • Develop five e-learning scenarios using a 3D lab model and content from the university curriculum 
  • Be able to develop other e-learning scenarios without outside support

Work performed

  • 3D models, videos, and 360° photos of chemistry labs supplied by the institute reduced in complexity by 98% (via Blender) so they could be explored seamlessly in 3D and in real-time 
  • Instructive scenarios co-developed, with Hardis Group contributing expertise in interaction and gamification 
  • Optimized multimedia files and Excel spreadsheets (scenarios and narration) imported into ELIT 
  • Scenarios developed in low code (Excel + Unity): narration provided by a virtual instructor, interactive dashboard, video streaming, interactions (using a mouse), etc. 
  • 3D scenarios exported in WebGL format so they could be accessed from any web browser 
  • Scenarios published on the Moodle LMS in SCORM format, to enable learners to complete the modules and take the knowledge acquisition quiz 



  • An innovative and immersive educational tool, accessible from a web browser, that lets learners familiarize themselves with the lab environment and analysis machines
  • Helps prepare students for practical lab sessions, with the option to repeat the modules as many times as they like
  • Increased knowledge retention rate among learners
  • Smooth, seamless navigation combined with granular, in-depth details on a standard PC
  • Technology platform can be reused to develop new scenarios 
  • Virtual lab concept can be extended to all other laboratories operated by the department
  • Scenarios can be adapted to virtual reality format 


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