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The project at a glance 

For several years now, a food retailer has called on Hardis Group’s support to modernize its IT system built around an AS/400 environment. One of the projects involved designing an app to ease the process of receiving orders, managing stock, and recording delivery non-conformities, based on data stored in the AS/400 system.

Project objectives 

  • Make life easier for operators receiving incoming orders
  • Achieve time and productivity gains
  • Make back-office operations more reliable
  • Improve the traceability of goods
  • Avoid the need to re-input data, through centralized stock management in the As/400-based back-office system, access to data on mobile devices (tablets), and input checking by an operator on a desktop

Work performed 

  • Hardis Group project teams were immersed in the client environment to better understand business priorities and realities on the ground during the incoming order receipt process
  • Identify functional requirements by challenging use cases in order to exclude non-essential aspects
  • Co-design the app and develop features iteratively
  • Demonstrate the app at each iteration, adjusting the presented features
  • Perform acceptance testing and provide go-live support
  • Train the retailer’s employees
  • Provide post-go-live maintenance support (on-demand services)


  • Simpler order receipt process, with expected orders (quantities and details) displayed on screen
  • Missing items needed for client delivery can be identified and picked directly
  • Efficient process for inputting non-conformities
  • Potential future developments:
    • Device-based label scanning and product recognition (OCR)
    • Temperature readings of scanned products for quality control purposes


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