12/11/2020 | Hardis Group

Socalog, a logistics service provider based in New Caledonia, has migrated from Reflex WMS C/S to Reflex WMS Web, and deployed pick-by-voice application Reflex Voice, to boost order preparation productivity. The migration paves the way for the roll-out of new mechanized and automated process as the firm looks to deliver new, high-efficiency logistics solutions to clients in manufacturing, retail, e-commerce, and wholesale trade.

Grenoble, November 12, 2020 – Hardis Group, a consulting firm, digital services company and independent software vendor, announces that Socalog, a logistics service provider based in New Caledonia, has migrated its three warehouses over to Reflex WMS Web. The new application is delivering gains on three fronts: boosting order preparation productivity, supporting real-time adjustment of warehouse operations for greater responsiveness, and allowing the firm to adapt to client demand with agility. Moreover, the forthcoming deployment of the hazardous materials management module will help Socalog achieve greater reliability in managing products of this type stored at sites with an ICPE (environmental protection) classification.

Laying the groundwork for future mechanization

Socalog, founded in 2015, is a logistics service provider based in New Caledonia. From its three warehouses, totaling 18,000 sq m of space, the company serves around a dozen clients, 90% of which operate in the dry and liquid food, and home and personal care (HPC) sectors. Each year, the firm receives 1,700 containers, stores 9,000 different items, and delivers 175,000 pallets to hypermarkets, supermarkets, grocery stores, local authorities, hotels, and restaurants throughout the French overseas territory. 

Since its foundation, Socalog had managed its warehouses using Reflex WMS C/S, interfaced with its clients’ business management (ERP) systems. The company plans to mechanize one of its warehouses as it seeks to supplement its traditional order preparation operations with specialist logistics services for e-commerce. The firm is also keen to optimize the storage of smaller, single-unit products. Since Reflex WMS C/S did not include the latest mechanization-support upgrades to Hardis Group’s warehouse software suite, the only option would have been to commission special developments. So in February 2020, Socalog opted to migrate to Reflex WMS Web and, at the same time, deploy Reflex Voice—Hardis group’s pick-by-voice application—for its warehouse operatives. “The web version of Reflex includes new features, is more flexible, and offers greater usability from an operational and technical standpoint,” said Kévin Toumen, Process Manager at Socalog.

The migration project kicked off in April 2020, with the aim of switching all sites over to the new application in mid-July. “The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted our plans,” added Toumen. “The pick-by-voice devices were late in arriving, and the Hardis project team couldn’t travel to New Caledonia to support us. So we decided to push the switch-over back to mid-September and manage the process remotely. All our warehouses and operations were migrated in a single night, with no major issues.”

Productivity and real-time management 

Socalog began reaping the benefits of Reflex WMS Web almost immediately, with notable gains in order-preparation productivity—thanks in no small part to the new pick-by-voice application. “The Android devices connect to operatives’ headsets via Bluetooth, leaving them with both hands free to prepare orders,” explained Toumen. The firm has achieved greater efficiency in managing the 23,000 pallets stored at its warehouses, while the Dashboard module provides data visualization and real-time warehouse management capabilities, allowing Socalog to meet lead time, transport cut-off, and other service level commitments by adjusting operations on the fly over the course of a day.

In the coming weeks, the company—whose facilities have an ICPE (environmental protection) classification—will implement the hazardous materials management module to replace its existing proprietary tool. “With the new Reflex module, we’ll be able to generate more reliable data, get a real-time overview of volumes in stock, and receive real-time threshold-overrun alerts,” said Marine Bouleau, Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment Manager at Socalog

As part of efforts to optimize storage space and improve processes for single-item orders, the company’s next project is to mechanize one of its warehouses. “Now that the migration is complete, we’re ready to move to the next phase: developing new automated and mechanized processes, and bringing new logistics solutions to our clients,” added Toumen.