Smart Data: 8 tips to turn your data into a competitive advantage

24/02/2015 | Expert opinion - Nicolas Odet, Hardis Group Executive Vice President

The real challenge of Big Data is not technological: it is "business". It will necessarily involve human expertise to enrich the data and get it to "speak". How to move from Big Data to Smart Data, and transform your data into a competitive advantage in 8 points.

Mobile applications: the five key quality factors

08/10/2014 | Expert opinion - Laurent Dall'Agnol, Senior Consultant, and Rémy Dujardin, Deputy Manager Consultancy, Hardis Group

With users becoming ever more demanding and mature with regard to the new technologies, the quality of mobile applications is a sine qua non for their adoption. In this respect, adapting the tests to the specificities of mobility is indispensable: here's a quick run-down in five points.

More agile IS departments through application services

04/06/2014 | Expert opinion - Nicolas Odet, Hardis Group Executive Vice President

Under pressure from the market, core business managements today will freely opt for external services and applications without necessarily calling on the IS department. And users think that the slightest internal project will last for months. But what if, with application service components, the IS department was able to prove to its internal customers that they are wrong?

Digitizing companies: industrial processes with experimental processes

18/02/2014 | Expert opinion - Nicolas Odet, Hardis Group Executive Vice President

With the growth in digital technology, value creation is now organized more around services than around products. This is a shake-up for businesses, who need to switch from an industrial process culture, to an economic model based on experimentation, agility and complicity with its customers.

E-commerce: warehouse mechanization in questions

29/01/2014 | Expert opinion - Florent Boizard, Logistics Solutions Product Manager, Hardis Group

2013 has once again confirmed the trend: e-commerce is doing well. Providing customers' demands in terms of quality of service, delivery times and charges are properly met. For logistics professionals, the organizational challenges are numerous. Can warehouse mechanization respond to these challenges?

Mid-sized companies and SMEs: six questions about the private cloud

15/10/2013 | Expert opinion - Karim Ogbi, Infrastructure & Facilities Management Business Unit Director, Hardis Group

Despite a certain maturity, many mid-sized companies and SMEs are still asking a number of questions about the private cloud. Preconceptions, real issues, points requiring vigilance: 6 key questions to help gain better understanding of this new way of consuming IT.

Three stages for designing an effective cross-channel transport strategy

02/10/2013 | Expert opinion - Florent Boizard, Logistics Solutions Product Manager, Hardis Group

Cross-channel marketing has proved commercially effective, but it has also made logistical flows more numerous and complex. Three stages for designing a transport strategy that will provide impeccable quality of service, contain transport costs so as to keep delivery costs at an acceptable level, while at the same time preserving margins.

Successful service digitization strategy

17/09/2013 | Expert opinion - Nicolas Odet, Hardis Group Executive Vice President

Recent technological innovations have accelerated the service digitization movement in all sectors. From the standpoint of the IS department, who edits these services on behalf of core business managements, implementing a coherent and progressive strategy is essential to properly negotiate the change.

Mobile applications: the ISD is also involved

25/06/2013 | Expert opinion - Cédric Belmont, digitization and mobility consultant, Hardis Group

While the mobile application market is booming, it is also changing very quickly. As a result many IS departments are afraid of getting locked into poor choices. But solutions are available for deploying a mobile strategy without sacrificing scalability, agility and control of budgets.