What will the logistics warehouse look like a few years from now?

22/11/2017 | Expert opinion - Jean-Yves Costa, Deputy Manager of Logistics Solutions at Hardis Group.

Which technologies will be heavily integrated into warehouses in the future? Some trends are already taking shape such as robotization, automation, artificial intelligence and connected warehouses. It is, however, difficult to imagine that all warehouses will look alike in the future due to the diverse range and ever-changing specific requirements in each sector, types of logistics flows and cu...

Insurance and connected devices: bespoke, but not without trust

05/07/2017 | Expert opinion - Dorine Millot, Business Consulting consultant

Insurers see connected devices as an opportunity to create new products, precisely adapted to each individual. Such insurance plans will only appeal to insured parties on condition of financial gain or substantial value creation and if they're certain that any collected data is subject to powerful protection.

7 key success factors for your DevOps procedure

28/06/2017 | Expert opinion - Maxime Orand, Consultant, Hardis Group

Although on paper the DevOps procedure looks like a winner, we have to accept that sometimes, despite the best will in the world, in reality it is not a compelling solution. This is due to a lack of preparation, and because the steps are not followed correctly. 7 essential points to be familiar with before starting (or to correct a procedure that has got bogged down).

Can DevOps and ITIL be reconciled?

23/05/2017 | Expert opinion - Maxime Orand, Consultant, Hardis Group

There is nothing new about being tempted to wipe the slate clean when a new approach is introduced. However, a good medium-term approach is to take the best from each methodology. DevOps and ITIL have what it takes to achieve efficient development and operations management without sacrificing precision or creativity.

Mobile application development. Never without a strategy!

08/03/2017 | Expert opinion - Cédric Belmont, Business Solutions manager, Hardis Group

Pointless, unknown or even misleading: how many mobile applications have met with only critical success, very often within the immediate circle of their designers? Conversely, when guided by a clear services strategy, built on a robust IT base and framed within efficient industrial processes, mobile applications have everything they need to succeed.

IoT: testing at the heart of business model validation

14/09/2016 | Expert opinion - Laurent Dall'Agnol, Senior Consultant, and Rémy Dujardin, Deputy Manager Consultancy, Hardis Group

In 2013 Cisco estimated that only 0.06% of connectable objects were actually connected. For GfK, 2 billion objects could be connected by 2020. In short, who can tell what IoT will really look like in the coming months or in the coming years? Types of objects to connect, use cases, technology standards, security, etc.: everything, or nearly everything can be imagined. However, years of innovatio...

Customer-centric organization and the need for a CRM-centric information system

29/08/2016 | Expert opinion - Cédric Belmont, Business Solutions manager, Hardis Group

How many companies today define themselves as "customer-centric"? Just saying it, though, is not enough; it actually needs to be true... and for that there needs to be a customer-centric information system in which CRM plays a key role.

Internet of Things, a booster for digital transformation

29/03/2016 | Expert opinion - Damien Pasquinelli, Data Intelligence offer Manager, Hardis Group

The market of connected objects (Internet of Things, IoT) is expanding. Many companies want to position themselves in this sector. But if the IoT wants to deliver on its promises regarding innovation, value creation and digitization booster, a pragmatic, business and agile approach has to be considered.

Digital Transformation: the individual at the heart of change management

02/03/2016 | Expert opinion - Philippe Le Gloahec, Consultant Manager, Hardis Group

The digital transformation goes hand in hand with profound changes to companies' organization, culture or even business models. It cannot happen without well-prepared change management, to anticipate obstacles and accompany the changes and revolutions which employees face, collectively and individually.

Digital transformation: have you reached digital maturity?

09/12/2015 | Expert opinion - Johan Cote, Business Manager, Consulting BU, Hardis Group

This is the key topic of the moment: in the media, in conferences and executive committees, and even in trade fairs in the city, talk is all about the digital transformation of society and business. But this transformation cannot be tackled in a uniform way: it depends on how mature organizations and people are, and also on business sectors.