Mylight150, a specialist in solar self-consumption, has rolled out Reflex WMS at its warehouses and branches as it experiences buoyant business growth. Since deploying the logistics management application, the firm has recorded a 10-point increase in on-time in-full (OTIF) order fulfillment.

Grenoble, Lisses, September 27, 2023 – Reflex (Hardis Group business unit), a leading provider of logistics execution software, and Avenir Logistic Conseil, its integrator partner, announce that Mylight150 has opted for Reflex WMS as it aims to pick orders for its solar-panel installers more quickly and reliably. The system, which was deployed in less than five months, has optimized the firm’s full range of logistics processes across three warehouses (two fully owned sites and one overflow site) and three local branches.


Increasing the speed and reliability of logistics operations amid strong growth

Mylight150 is a solar self-consumption specialist founded in 2014. The innovative products that it develops, manufactures, and distributes—including solar panels, energy supply and management systems, and a virtual electricity storage solution—are designed to help homeowners and businesses achieve energy self-sufficiency. The French firm has experienced buoyant growth in recent years: it posted revenue of €90 million in 2022 and expects to achieve €130 million in 2023. Mylight150 operates in four countries: France, Spain, Romania, and Switzerland.

Mylight150 aims to focus its logistics and sales operations around a number of central warehouses linked to a local branch network, where products are stored and orders picked (solar panels, heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning equipment, and solar PV kits). The firm decided to acquire a warehouse management system as it looked to absorb a high volume of new business and keep its installer customers happy. After inviting bids from interested vendors, Mylight150 chose Reflex WMS because it provided extensive functional coverage, was able to handle multiple warehouses, was available in several languages (including Romanian and Spanish), and offered in-store logistics management features.


Support from a logistics expert proves key to success

Reflex WMS was deployed in less than five months. Interfaced with the Navision ERP solution, it has been up and running since February 2023 at Mylight150’s longest-standing warehouse, a 2,500 sq. m facility in Jonage, southeastern France. Reflex has also been rolled out at an outsourced overflow warehouse and three branches. A new 4,500 sq. m logistics platform, located in Meyzieu, southeastern France, opened in June 2023. In the coming months, Reflex WMS will be deployed at two new warehouses—one in Spain (November 2023) and another in Romania (Q1 2024)—as well as at a fourth local branch.

Reflex has addressed a number of the firm’s specific requirements, including handling serial-number traceability, managing the picking of variable-volume orders (solar panels, heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning equipment, and solar PV kits), and increasing order-picking reliability to meet the demands of its installer customers. In the space of just a few weeks, the firm recorded a 10-point increase in on-time in-full (OTIF) order fulfillment.

“The support we received from Avenir Logistic Conseil was a key factor in the successful deployment of Reflex,” said Damien Plana, Supply Chain Director at Mylight150. “They brought their expertise in both IT and logistics to the table, working hand-in-hand with our in-house supply chain and IT teams.