Redesigning back-office applications, developing front-end and mobile applications, digitizing business processes, implementing service-oriented architectures: to develop and integrate your projects, we capitalize on the best practices of agile methods and V cycles.

The agile method and binding principles of the V cycle

Agility as seen by Hardis Group makes use of most of the principles of the Scrum method while retaining the best of the V cycle: load plan, planning, fixed-price commitment and overall project management. Our teams work with you to:

  • Understand what is expected by the business, the facilitating aspects and potential obstacles
  • Instill an iterative pace that favors pragmatism and efficiency at all phases of the project
  • Set up a flexible but controlled organization, enabling the project to be built in real time, starting with the major features
  • Support your staff (business, project owner support, DSI) in their new roles, since they are the ones who will make the change
  • Provide visibility on a daily basis and measure progress at the end of each sprint

A sprint 0 for all projects

We systematically offer a sprint 0, lasting one month on average. The aims are to get going quickly on a practical case, move to functional, ergonomic, and technical project scoping, demonstrate the effectiveness of the agile device put in place and quickly deliver the first iteration (prototype). After this sprint 0, you are able to determine whether and how you want to continue the project with Hardis Group staff.

An agile framework adapted to projects

We build an agile framework adapted to your project, taking into account your organization and the maturity and availability of your staff.

Do you want iterative deliveries but are not yet ready to implement all the agile protocols? We implement an appropriate process. Aren't you able to host our staff on your premises? We work remotely and collaborate with your staff using videoconferencing tools. But there is one point on which we do not compromise: the availability and responsibility of the business, which is essential for prioritizing needs, decision-making and the success of the project.