Data integration refers to the core technologies and methodologies supporting the exchange of data within an information system or between partner information systems. It concerns the collection, storage, processing, and distribution of data in a way that provides users and systems with consistent, high-quality, accessible, and usable information. 

In its broadest sense, data integration is about putting in place the structures, tools, and methods that allow an organization to deploy standardized data-exchange processes at scale—from collection, storage, and quality remediation, to transformation, technical and business monitoring, administration, and distribution. 

At Hardis Group, our offering comprises consulting, build, TPAM, and run, hosting, and facilities management services. 


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Our Data Integration offering is led by our architects: solution experts who draw on their deep expertise to deploy platforms that are compatible with your organization and your information system. As part of our offering, we provide architecture scoping, frameworks that have been tried and tested in different customer contexts, and best practices based on our experience and expertise.  

With our offering, which includes flow platform services fully managed by our team (FlowS hyperlink), organizations can quickly and easily set up inter-application data flows at scale. This approach, based on streamlining or reusing cross-functional flows and system components, aims to reduce costs and shorten time to go live. 

At Hardis Group, our focus is on helping you make your information system more agile, with pragmatic, holistic solutions that align with your organization’s data strategy. 


Why choose us ?

We use a range of time-served methodologies to quickly and effectively address each customer’s specific requirements. Our approach combines architecture, standards and best practices, and build and run services.  

In each case, we draw on what we call “accelerators”—technological, methodological, and organizational drivers that encapsulate our past experience and expertise. 

  • Technological accelerators 
    • Integration of key applications: Salesforce, Reflex, Data Galaxy, etc. 
    • Deployment of FinOps for Snowflake: provision of dashboards in PowerBI or directly via the Snowflake interface 
    • Technical and business flow monitoring: using integrated off-the-shelf applications, or via Hardis Group’s Elastic suite-based application 
  • Methodological accelerators: 
    • Document library 
    • Training (administration, developments, supervision, operation, etc.) 
    • Extensive feedback on flows, exchange platforms, and data storage systems:  
      • Development best practices  
      • Architecture audits  
      • Mapping & streamlining 
      • Benchmarking, etc. 
    • Provision of procedures to fast-track the deployment of new databases, new users, new roles, etc. 
  • Organizational accelerators 
    • Data Service Center covering build & run (see below) 
    • Our Cloud Operations team can help you create, configure, secure, and operate a cloud instance (Azure, AWS, GCP, etc.) 

Our services

Our end-to-end data offering spans everything from consulting to operation, with services and solutions covering every conceivable use case: 

  • Think: We’ll help you consider key issues ahead of the data integration phase, such as conceptualizing your organization’s data strategy, putting in place dedicated data governance structures, designing a scalable, fit-for-purpose architecture (on-premise, cloud, or hybrid), or auditing and reviewing your existing systems and arrangements (flow mapping, application mapping, etc.). 
  • Build: Our experts have extensive experience in deploying exchange platforms—the backbone of any information system—and developing data flows, for both new application integration and data transfer. We can also add data quality, storage, and advanced monitoring tools to existing exchange platforms—always with a focus on your organization’s specific requirements.
  • Run (based on our Data Service Center) 
    • Our Data Service Center covers the full range of build and run capabilities, using ITIL tools and methods to handle ongoing maintenance of your exchange platforms and storage systems. It offers a comprehensive suite of services that can be customized in line with your production constraints and business imperatives: 
      • supervision, support, patches, updates, version upgrades, and more. 
  • FlowS (Flow as a Service) 
    • Every business can benefit from a robust platform for data exchange at scale, as well as a flow development service, no matter their size or budget. Our approach reduces the acquisition costs associated with this kind of platform by pooling developer licensing, DevOps infrastructure, administration, and supervision, while maintaining a high level of security and keeping data partitioned. 
    • With this platform, which we offer as a one-time or temporary service, you can manage your inter-application integration flows, address data quality issues, keep your migrations secure, and more. 

Certified experts

At Hardis Group, we believe that our ability to deliver the best service depends on having people who excel in their respective fields—and who keep their knowledge up to date through regular, formal training. That’s why we place a strong emphasis on certification, as a way to demonstrate our skills and to ensure that we operate at all times according to vendor standards and best practices.  


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