Technologies like Cloud, Big Data and IA lie at the heart of value creation and business transformation. Our teams help IT departments define and deploy the right IT resources to address the challenges of digital transformation. We also help IT departments write clear mission statements, develop more efficient and agile processes, and modernize their systems.

Aligning IT with organizational challenges

We help IT departments reshape their entire business model, so they can cater better, faster and more efficiently to the challenges of value creation and digital transformation:

  • Strategic model: departmental agility and efficiency, IT and system contribution to the organization's strategy aims
  • Governance model: collaboration between IT department and CDO, specifier and developer relationship, “shadow IT” issues, regulatory and security requirements (such as GDPR)
  • Operational model: overhauling processes and methods and embedding a start-up culture to cut time-to-market and go-live lead times
  • Business model: IT as a driver of competitiveness (ROI), on-premise/pay-per-use pricing strategy
  • Skills model: make or buy strategy, harnessing and safeguarding skills

IT transformation: agility, industrialization and innovation

We help IT departments set up collaborative, effective relationships with business departments. We help them improve their operational efficiency and change how they are organized:

  • Industrialization: service catalog, performance management, Lean IT (cost reduction), IT service management, quality certification
  • Innovation: digital governance and organization, bi-modal IT department (Agile, Lean Startup, DevOps, etc.), IT talent management, information system hybridization and security, data intelligence (data monetization and management)

IT: serving business needs

Our consultants use their combined expertise to help IT and business departments assess strategy and technology aims, draw up a roadmap, and manage their project portfolio—all in accordance with budget and timing imperatives:

  • Assessing the information system and creating system and data framework plans (IT master plans)
  • Prioritizing changes and drawing up the roadmap
  • Providing business architecture and urbanization consulting
  • Helping organizations choose the right solution (SaaS or on-premise)
  • Assisting with project audits, recovery plans and project management

Our strengths

  • We can provide end-to-end transformation support-from defining the initial strategy to deploying solutions
  • We have a keen understanding of business and IT challenges in our sectors: insurance, banking, retail, manufacturing, energy and services
  • We employ governance and organizational models that draw on best practice (Cobit, DevOps, Lean, CMMI, ITIL, eSCM, BPM, ISO, etc.)