Innovation and digital transformation are powerful value creation tools, helping organizations develop new business models, launch new products or services, customize the client experience, or make their operations more efficient. At Hardis Group, we can help you harness the power of innovation and digital transformation to set your organization apart.

Transforming your business model through innovation

Digital technologies provide a wealth of opportunities to boost your competitive edge or develop your traditional business model through paperless processes, disintermediation, mobility, collaboration, client loyalty, and new innovative services built on connected objects or artificial intelligence.

Our teams can help you manage and drive your transformation by:

  • Choosing the right market positioning (benchmarking, SWOT analysis, market/client focus, etc.)
  • Identifying and formalizing your value propositions (innovation seminar, design thinking, ideation, etc.)
  • Analyzing what practical changes you need to make (business mode, organization, operational excellence, etc.)

Innovation governance and momentum

We help our clients determine how innovation will be governed, and how to deploy their new governance model-all according to their context, strategy and ambition.

At Hardis Group, experimentation and innovation are part of how we run our own business, and how we work with our clients. We use tools and techniques like open innovation, think tanks, design thinking, Lego ® Serious Play ®, game storming and collective intelligence to spur, manage and maintain momentum around innovation, to strike the right balance between creativity and ROI, and to help organizations tap into their ecosystem (clients, employees, start-ups, public-sector partners, and more).

Managing and delivering digital transformation

We can analyze digital maturity at all levels of your business to help you determine exactly where you stand—from your organization, employees, technology and innovation, to your products, services and wider environment (sector, competitors, etc.).

Next, we will help you decide where things need to change, then launch the first round of transformative experiments:

  • Ideation: in our creativity lab, dedicated seminars, think tanks, etc.
  • Project design: BMC, elevator pitch, value mapping
  • Experimentation: POC or MVP, fund-raising
  • Feedback, client/market reviews, benchmarking

Implementing the digital transformation plan

Our teams will also help you scale up your experiments and implement your transformation plan:

  • Formalizing the digital roadmap: main milestones, project portfolio, resource mobilization plan
  • Implementing digital program governance
  • Consulting and decision-making support
  • Managing milestones as you progress through your roadmap