Accelerating transformation raises a whole host of issues and challenges—both external (time-to-market, client satisfaction, etc.) and internal (user uptake, sense of purpose, etc.). That's why change management is vital to business and IT transformation projects. We have the methods, expertise and tools to help you drive change with peace of mind.

Change demands organization

Systems, and the links between organizations, are growing in complexity. What's more, organizations are looking to make change happen more quickly and flexibly. That's why change has to be a managed process.

Here's how we believe change can happen successfully:

  • Consider change as early as possible in every project, and right at the top of your organization
  • Treat change management as a standalone component of every project, and appoint a change leader
  • Always begin with a comprehensive impact assessment (on processes, organization and skills), and involve all stakeholders in that process (business, IT, HR, management, key users, end users, clients, partners, etc.)
  • Remember that change management requires four separate plans: an organization plan, a communication plan, a training plan, and a transformation support plan
  • Harness innovative tools to accelerate change and uptake (design thinking, Lego ® Serious Play ®, game storming, collective intelligence, etc.)
  • Use indicators to manage change (uptake, client satisfaction, etc.)
  • Set empowering, engaging and memorable milestones throughout the change process (kick-off, milestone celebration, crisis management, switchover, etc.)

Embedding change culture, harnessing collective intelligence

Today we live in a time of constant change. That means that businesses, rather than merely managing a change or transformation project, have to embed a culture of change and collective intelligence across their organization.

Our consultants will help you harness the power of collective intelligence by:

  • Using special tools to assess individual and collective maturity at coping with change
  • Holding workshops to teach you about new forms of leadership, collaborative skills and collective intelligence
  • Providing support for your teams (group dynamics, regulation, co-development, etc.) and individual employees (coaching, mentoring)
  • Managing milestones, facilitating events, co-designing “play-based” programs, and delivering learning-by-doing training sessions (where attendees gain new skills by putting theory into practice)

Going further: turning CSR to your advantage

We believe that organizations that have a strong CSR ethic stand out among clients, hold greater appeal to potential employees, and give their people a sense of purpose. As firm believers in the value of social and environmental responsibility, our teams will help you map out your CSR vision, define your strategy and deploy your roadmap.