Mobility, connected devices and collaborative working... with increasingly open, complex and heterogeneous information systems, the risks relating to your business continuity and data security are heightened. Hardis Group helps you to identify your weaknesses and the associated risks, instill your employees with a security culture and set up and manage your security policy.

Assess and implement urgent actions

The information system increasingly supports the company's strategic activities so the information it contains needs to be protected from attack and negligence.

Our security experts help you to:

  • Conduct a security assessment and identify your strengths and weaknesses (on a technological and human level)
  • Conduct a detailed risk analysis
  • Obtain an exhaustive view of your current level of security
  • Put in place corrective actions to achieve the level of security required by your activities.

Deploy the measures and disseminate best security practices

Security is the concern of everyone in your company. We help you to deploy the appropriate security measures for your challenges and propagate best practices throughout your organization.

We help ISSMs to:

  • Adapt or define their information system security policy and business continuity plans
  • Define the security action plans and measures to deploy
  • Draw up and deploy training plans tailored to your requirements
  • Instill all employees with a security culture: IS user guidelines, awareness and communication campaigns (infographics, videos, etc.), training, etc.

Organize governance to ensure long-term security management

Our experts help you to coordinate and control the security management of your IS as part of a continuous improvement approach:

  • Implementation of an information security management system
  • Creation of status reports: definition of key indicators according to risks, key processes and report recipients
  • Definition of security level assessment and control methods: general security audit "diagnostic flash", self-assessment with custom reference framework
  • Choice of audit (vulnerabilities, compliance, etc.) and test systems (intrusion, physical and logical security) appropriate to your context and objectives
  • Assessment and gap analysis between the existing situation and the target reference framework
  • Definition of strategic areas for improvement

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