22/02/2017 | Hardis Group

The logistics subsidiary of the SPI group, a long-standing specialist in packaging and co-packing, will start activity at its first warehouse using the warehouse management software by Hardis Group, on June 1st, 2017.

Hardis Group, a digital service provider and independent software vendor, announces that SPI Logistic, a newcomer to the field of logistics services, has just chosen its warehouse management software. The service provider wants to use Reflex WMS to support the development of its warehousing and logistics business, especially in the agri-food and convenience goods sectors.

A newcomer to the field of logistics services

Created in 1985, the SPI group is a recognized company in the field of product packaging and co-packing. In 2014, the company decided to capitalize on its expertise in automation and mechanization acquired via its two long-standing activities, to offer warehousing, order preparation and shipping services. A subsidiary dedicated to these new activities was created, and was named SPI Logistic. Its aims are to reduce the number of middle-men and optimize the logistics costs of ordering parties, by offering them a range of outsourced services from product co-packing to shipping, through packaging and storage.

Industrial DNA: automation and robotization of processes

To deliver its new services, SPI Logistic will be working from its innovative 30,000 m2 warehouse (five 6,000 m2 units), dedicated to contract logistics and co-packing, based in Saint-Quentin Fallavier. The group intends to continue its innovation and large investments policy in automation and robotized systems, to industrialize logistics processes and equip its future sites. It has already developed a fully automated single parcel order preparation line. "The mechanized and CAMM systems that we have developed or used did not however cover management of logistics processes", explains Emmanuel Bonnet, General Manager of SPI Logistic.

Choice of a flexible and upgradeable WMS

So in the third quarter of 2016, SPI Logistic started looking for warehouse management software. After examining offers from three editors, they chose Reflex WMS by Hardis Group in December 2016. "Other than the completeness, flexibility and upgradeability of the product, which has proven its worth among numerous logistics service providers, we liked Hardis' DNA, which is very similar to our own: company size, commitment and support from the staff, and finally, the innovation culture serving logistics efficiency", says Emmanuel Bonnet.

The first project, at the Saint-Quentin Fallavier warehouse, is scheduled for June 1st, 2017. It will include integrated packaging, co-packing and controlled-temperature logistics services for an agri-food group. Thanks to Reflex WMS, SPI Logistic intends to gain in operational efficiency and reduce learning time for its operators. This first roll-out will be the ideal occasion for Hardis Group to transfer skills to key users, so SPI Logistic can gradually become fully autonomous in starting new projects.

Warehouse management: SPI Logistic opts for the Reflex WMS