20/03/2012 | Hardis Group

For this Marseille-based SME specializing in the storage of bulk liquid and food products, the implementation of a warehouse management solution meets its dual objective of improving its organization and winning new customers.

Services, business software publishing and facilities management company Hardis Group has announced that Mediaco Vrac has chosen its Reflex WMS warehouse management solution in SaaS mode to manage its bulk liquid and food products storage activity. In addition to optimizing warehouse organization and increasing productivity, the implementation of a WMS in this SME gives it a competitive edge to win new customers and ensure the loyalty of existing ones.

Modernize the information system

Based in the south of France, Mediaco Vrac's activities include bulk storage of non-flammable liquids (vegetable oils, grape-derived products, etc.) and bagging and storage of food products (such as rice, pulses, sugar and coffee). In July 2011, when it purchased new warehouses in the Marseille Fos Distriport area, the company decided to acquire warehouse management software to support its growth and improve quality of service to customers.

Of the possible solutions, the group soon identified Reflex WMS in SaaS mode as firm favorite. The solution integrated all the functionality Mediaco Vrac needed: barcode management and geolocation of goods, customer follow-up interface, simplified file monitoring management, customs clearance management as part of the AEO program (Authorized Economic Operator), etc. "Hardis' dependability and over 20 years' experience in the logistics field in addition to its financial stability also reassured us," explained Deni Liotta, Manager of Mediaco Vrac.

The choice of SaaS was also a natural one for this SME. The company has used Citrix and Windows Terminal Server environments since 1998, enabling users to access their applications remotely without having to be at their workstations. "Cloud or SaaS solutions were the next logical step for us," continued Denis Liotta. The service continuity, back-up and data security guarantees, combined with Hardis Group's financial solidity were the final deciding factors for Mediaco Vrac.

Reflex WMS: organizational benefits and a selling point

With the implementation of Reflex WMS, Mediaco Vrac plans to streamline and optimize its organization, increasing the productivity of its warehouse staff with the barcode system and geolocation of goods, but also of administrative staff through simpler and quicker file management. The tool will also give customers real-time visibility of inventory and order tracking via a Web portal.

This more efficient organization, based on a reliable information system, is already used as a selling point and a guarantee of the company's quality and dependability to win new customers, particularly those who already have Reflex WMS.

Warehouse management: Mediaco Vrac chooses Reflex WMS in SaaS mode