Hardis' Reflex WMS warehouse management application now interfaces with Motorola's new generation of voice recognition solutions, requiring no voice profile training and adaptable to all warehouse processes.

Hardis Group, an IT services, business software publishing and facilities management company, renews its long-standing partnership with Motorola/Psion in the field of voice recognition. Its Reflex WMS warehouse management application can now be hooked up to the latest version of Motorola's TekSpeech, which incorporates a new multi-speaker voice recognition engine requiring no voice profile training and enabling voice recognition to be extended to all warehouse processes.

Voice recognition with no speaker training

The first generation of voice recognition solutions, while widely acclaimed for the warehouse efficiency gains it generated, required prior speaker voice training. With the new generation of TekSpeech, users can skip this step: spoken instructions are recognized automatically, regardless of who the speaker is, with the possibility of correction in real time for very noisy environments. Motorola's new Voice Engine recognition application is compatible with the whole range of Motorola voice terminals running on Windows Embedded Compact (CE) and Windows Mobile. The package, equipment plus software, is offered at much more attractive rates than Motorola/Psion's previous solution.

However, the Vocollect recognition engine still works with the new TekSpeech version, so existing installations can continue in place.

Voice emulation of all warehouse processes

Another new feature: all Motorola terminals can now communicate with Reflex WMS, via Motorola's TekSpeech solution, in either of two ways. In addition to the connected "plug-and-play" mode dedicated to voice and covering 100% of order preparation processes, an emulation mode is now available, totally parameterizable, enabling all radio frequencies to be vocalized. This means that all warehouse processes can be handled by voice: reception, dispatch/loading, order preparation, palletization, storage, etc.

Voice recognition: Hardis Group renews its partnership with Motorola/Psion