NP Nilsson, a specialist in the sale of building materials and a manufacturer of wooden components, has entrusted A2B Solutions with the deployment of Reflex WMS warehouse management software in its brand new 9,000 m2 logistics center, located in the Vistorp industrial zone in Förslöv (Sweden), near one of its production centers.

Grenoble, Stockholm, April 11, 2023 - Reflex (Hardis Group), publisher of logistics execution software, and A2B Solutions, its integrator partner in the Nordics, announce that NP Nilsson has selected Reflex WMS to optimize its logistics processes and improve the quality of service provided to its customers.

Founded in 1907, NP Nilsson is both a chain of seven stores selling building materials and a manufacturer of wooden trusses and wall elements. The family business employs 170 people and has a turnover of approximately SEK 600 million.


A WMS to manage a modern logistics warehouse

As part of its strategic plan, MoBy, which means "The building supplier of tomorrow" in Swedish, NP Nilsson aims to implement more efficient logistic processes. To achieve this, the company decided to construct a new logistics center in Förslöv spanning a land area of 27,000 m2, with a building of 9,000 m2 equipped with 4,000 racks. NP Nilsson needed a robust warehouse management software to optimize the receiving, material storage, order picking, and shipping processes for its stores, construction professionals, and private customers.

"We consulted several WMS vendors. We wanted to equip ourselves with a solution capable of managing what is essential today and what will be desirable tomorrow in order to continuously optimise our logistics processes, particularly order preparation. We chose Reflex WMS for its functional richness, its ease of use and its rapidity of use by the operators. Its flexibility to handle large volumes of materials was also a decisive factor in our choice," explains Johan Nidelius, CINO of NP Nilsson Trävaru AB.


A deployment ensured by A2B Solutions

"The choice of Reflex WMS was also motivated by A2B Solutions' expertise, professionalism and experience in WMS integration" continues Johan Nidelius.

NP Nilsson's goal is to be ready to deliver orders from the new warehouse by the end of summer 2023. The transfer of products to the new logistics center, the finalization of the picking processes and the start of production of Reflex WMS will be carried out during the summer vacations of 2023, which is quieter in the construction industry.


Reflex publishes a modular software suite that helps orchestrate, optimize and supervise logistics networks and locations (warehouses, factories, stores, drive-through collection points, etc.). Designed by logisticians for logisticians, these solutions seek to make the supply chain more efficient, collaborative and sustainable, in a changing world. They are the result of 30 years of R&D, in close collaboration with nearly 450 clients. 
Reflex operates in France, Spain, the Netherlands and Poland, and works with a network of integrator partners to deploy its solutions worldwide. 
The analyst firm Gartner has recognized Hardis Group as one of the major WMS vendors in Europe for its Reflex WMS software.