Deriving from mobile technology monitoring activities conducted by Hardis' Nantes branch, the MobiDiab application enables patients with diabetes to enter and monitor medical data directly via their cell phone and share it with their doctor.

Mobidiab, écran d'accueil

Hardis Group has released MobiDiab, a free Android mobile application for patients with diabetes. This personal assistant enables diabetes sufferers to enter and monitor their glycemic index, blood glucose levels and taking of medication at different times in the day. The data can be exported in table form for their attending physician to use.

Diabetes is a chronic disease requiring constant monitoring. Most of the time, it is the patients themselves who administer their treatment. They also need to keep a record of their glycemic index, meal schedule, physical exercise and taking of medication on a daily basis so that their physician can adapt their treatment.

Hardis' Nantes branch decided to launch the MobiDiab project within the scope of its mobile technologies monitoring activities. Its aim was to replace the paper diabetes monitoring book with a mobile app. The project was carried out using an agile approach inspired by lean startup techniques: several diabetic patients helped Hardis' teams to define what they expected from such an application then participated in functional and navigation testing throughout the development process.




Mobidiab : écran de saisie des données

The first version of the application enables the various data to be entered simply and quickly: glycemic index, blood glucose levels and administering of glycemic medication. The diabetic patient can consult a history of entries in the mobile monitoring book and access a daily summary of glycemic index/blood glucose levels in graph form. The data can be exported to a table which can be e-mailed to the attending physician or placed in a storage space hosted in a private cloud.

Hardis Group intends to gradually add new modules to MobiData that will further help patients with the statistical analysis of their medical data.

MobiDiab: a free mobile app for monitoring diabetes