18/03/2015 | Hardis Group

With WMS by Hardis Group, the logistics provider Log'S completes its warehouse management software offer. This choice reinforces a strategy focused on offering solutions and support that are custom-built for each client's specific business.

Hardis Group, a digital services company and software publisher, announces that Log’S group, specializing in support for logistics projects for companies, has chosen Reflex WMS. The aim is to diversify its warehouse management solutions, continuing its strategy of providing customized logistic services capable of meeting the expectations and requirements of its clients.

Log'S: custom-built support for logistics projects

/ EDIT 2019 / Log'S was founded in 2002 and specializes in the sale of logistics solutions and in support for logistics projects. The company currently operates 750,000 m2 of warehouses spread over 28 sites. Log'S has over 150 customers, a third of whom are major retailers (Auchan, Castorama, Bridgestone and La Redoute) and employs a staff of 2000. In 2018 the company achieved a turnover of €125 million, an increase of almost 25% in two years.

Log'S's activity covers three sectors: retail, e-commerce and industry. Its strategy is based on its ability to offer its customers tailor-made logistics solutions able to meet the needs and requirements specific to their business. The group offers two ways of working: a fully outsourced logistics service or an in situ service, which can be based either on the warehouse management software already deployed on its customers' premises or on its own WMS.

"As a complement to our long-standing WMS offer we wanted to offer our customers a new solution", explains Nicolas Specq, Commercial Director of Log'S. "Being the most open on the market in terms of WMSs supported and proposed is a strategic issue both for us and for our customers", adds Arnaud Degezelle, CEO of Log'S.

A WMS able to address the most complex cross-channel activities

In early 2014, Log'S consulted a dozen software publishers. Three of them were tested on a particularly complex and demanding customer case. "Our retail and e-commerce business today is tending to merge: in cross-channel logistics, we have to manage a supply chain for physical stores and online sales from the same warehouse. It was on this issue that we chose to test the publishers: were they able to manage logistics by pallet, by package and per unit with the same stock?" asks Nicolas Specq.

In this exercise, Hardis Group staff played their cards right by putting their technical and business knowledge to work, and making themselves available to answer the demands from Log'S. In addition to the quality of human contact and professionalism that the staff displayed, it was also the functional richness of the Reflex WMS solution, especially the tactile features of the radio frequency terminals, that made the difference. In May 2014, Log’S was equipped with Reflex WMS, hosted and managed by Hardis Group.

Diversifying and enhancing its range of custom-built logistics solutions

A few weeks after signing the contract, Log'S deployed Reflex WMS with a new customer, La Foir'Fouille, with the help of Hardis Group staff. More recently, an existing customer, for which Log'S manages part of the logistics business, asked to switch from their old WMS to Reflex WMS.

"While these issues have helped us to fully understand Reflex WMS, we still have to take our skills to the next level in order to tune in more closely to the specifics of our customers, and find areas in which to improve productivity", says Arnaud Degezelle. Training is provided to enable the Log'S teams, including senior management, to get to know the tool better and to become more autonomous in using it.

With Reflex WMS Log'S has been able to diversify and strengthen its offering of customized solutions: "We can now offer our customers the choice of working both with their own WMS solution and with one of our solutions, depending on their needs: As Reflex WMS enjoys a certain reputation on the market, referring to it when Log'S responds to tenders is seen as a definite plus by our prospects,", says Arnaud Degezelle.

Log'S chooses Reflex WMS in the Cloud