20/12/2017 | Hardis Group

The logistics provider in the Grand Est region of France has used Hardis Group's WMS to manage its warehouses since 2005. In 2017, it migrated the management of all of its activities and customers to the Web edition of Reflex WMS for a more ergonomic, easy-to-use and agile solution.

Hardis Group, consultancy firm, digital services company and independent software vendor, announces that Inter-Logistic Europe , a logistics provider based in Eastern France, has migrated from Reflex WMS AS/400 to Reflex WMS Web. The new edition of the warehouse software was rolled out and adopted in just a few months thanks to its web architecture, its intuitive interfaces and the support of Hardis Group consultants.


Inter-Logistic Europe migrates to Reflex WMS Web to manage its warehouses


Created in 2003, Inter-Logistic Europe offers logistical services from its four warehouses in Fontaine, near Belfort (15,000 m2), Hecken (8,000 m2), Ensisheim and Burnhaupt (4,000 m2), near Mulhouse (Alsace). The company, which has about thirty employees and customers, has specific expertise in industrial logistics, reverse logistics (computer and electronic devices, among others) and e-commerce. It also provides logistical services in situ. Since 2005, following the relocation of its activities from a 800 m2 warehouse to a new 5,000 m2 site, the decision was taken by Frédéric Réveillé, founder of Inter-Logistic, to acquire warehouse management software to meet simple yet essential logistical needs: identifying pallets, optimizing the preparation of orders and pallets and allowing customers to view their inventory via a portal. "At the time, having considered many solutions, we chose Reflex WMS because the software was robust, reliable and had a good reputation with companies larger than ours. Hardis also offered Reflex in ASP mode, hosted in their data center, which saved us from having to manage IT infrastructure", Frédéric Réveillé recalls.

Moving to Reflex WMS Web in 2017

Over the years, Reflex WMS has adapted to the changing business and needs of Inter-Logistic's customers. In 2016, the company decided to migrate to Reflex WMS Web. Although the company's biggest customer had just decided to use Reflex, which would facilitate trade, there were other reasons behind the decision too: "The new interfaces were much more intuitive and accessible from touchscreen mobile barcode devices. A solution with 3G pagers was offered and incorporated by Hardis for our warehouses without Wi-Fi. It was also going to enable us to be more agile to implement new projects, particularly in e-commerce", says Frédéric Réveillé. The decision was also made to continue entrusting Hardis Group with the hosting of the solution in its private cloud.

The project began in March 2017 with the help of a team of four functional and technical consultants from Hardis Group. Six months later, at the end of September 2017, a "big bang" roll-out of Reflex WMS Web was implemented to avoid having to manage a dual system, even temporarily: although the choice was made to keep the AS/400 base for a year, for security reasons, all activities, customers and warehouses moved to the new system on the same day. A few days of training were sufficient to get to grips with the solution, thanks to its ergonomic design and ease of use.

After this successful migration, Inter-Logistic intends to continue drawing on Reflex's reputation for calls for tender and in its search for new customers for whom the warehouse management solution is a decisive factor.

Inter-Logistic Europe migrates to Reflex WMS Web to manage its warehouses