Hardis Group becomes the France ambassador for eCl@ss, the worldwide data standard for industrial product, component and service classification and description. eCl@ss aims to ensure that the data that organizations hold internally, share with their suppliers, clients and partners, and use in their connected digital and automated systems, is standardized, reliable and exploitable.

Hardis Group, a consulting firm, digital services company and independent software vendor, has been named the France ambassador for eCl@ss, a unique, worldwide, multi-sector standard for uniform, consistent industrial product and service classification and description. The appointment is a major milestone in the firm's strategy to help industrial companies and their ecosystems harness standardized, high-quality data to design innovative new digital services, and to automate their sourcing, production, logistics, distribution, maintenance and other process.

Industry 4.0 and automation: standardized, high-quality data

eCl@ss was founded in 2000 with a deliberate aim in mind: to develop a worldwide ISO/IEC-compliant data standard for uniform classification and description of industrial products, materials, components, systems and services. The standard, available in 16 languages, is highly regarded around the world because it allows organizations to seamlessly share electronic data internally, as well as with their suppliers, distributors, clients and maintenance contractors. At a time when the industry 4.0 model and fully automated production and maintenance systems are becoming the norm, the standard plays a vital role in enabling systems (ERP, PLM, MES, PIM, MDM, SCM, robots, smart sensors, etc.) to share data reliably, and in guaranteeing error-free data interoperability and interpretation.

Hardis Group, eCl@ss standard ambassador for France

eCl@ss has more than 150 members and 3,500 user organizations including Schneider Electric, Renault and Siemens. Hardis Group will now act as the standard's ambassador in France, promoting it to industrial companies to help them extract value from their data (data repository, traceability, predictive analytics, automation, model extraction, etc.) and optimize their sourcing, storage, production, distribution and maintenance processes at a time of growing digitization and automation.

eCl@ss will be holding an information day, entitled “Join the digital world! eCl@ss – Semantics for eBusiness and Industry 4.0!”, on March 11, 2019 at the Schneider Electric's Le Hive auditorium in Rueil-Malmaison, France.

>> For more details and to register (for free), go to: https://www.eclass.eu/en/events.html

Industry 4.0: Hardis Group is named eCl@ss ambassador for France