Focus on the digital transformation of applications based on IBM i environments with the ability to develop native mobile or mobile Web applications capitalizing on companies' AS/400 applications portfolio.

Hardis Group, a digital services company and software publisher, unveils the roadmap for its Adelia Studio development platform. The roadmap meets with two objectives: simplifying the development of hybrid or native mobile applications capitalizing on AS/400 legacy data systems, while offering the possibility of gradually transforming IBM i applications into HTLM5 Web applications. In addition to these new transformation functions, the platform incorporates a tool suited to this type of IT project, mainly driven by agile methods.

Originally designed for the development of AS/400 applications, Adelia Studio has, over the years, become a platform that, from a common repository, a single working environment and a single language, can produce applications in 5250 character modes, multi-platform and multi database client/server graphic applications , Java EE Web applications, and Web applications compliant with HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3 standards.

In its upcoming developments, Adelia Studio will integrate new features to support the transformation of information systems based on AS/400 environments, including their openness to the world of mobility. By the end of the year, the platform will be able to exhibit REST services, in order to facilitate the development of Android, iOS or Windows 10 native or hybrid mobile applications that can interact with back office AS/400 business applications. With this innovation, companies can more quickly design new mobile services capitalizing on legacy applications while also being able to gradually transform these into HTML5 mobile Web applications.

Meanwhile, in response to the move of IT project management towards agile methods and the necessary industrialization of developments, builds, tests and deployment, Hardis Group plans, in 2016, to provide Adelia Studio, with additional test-driven and continuous integration development features. The aim is to facilitate and accelerate the go-to-market of new applications, while improving software quality control.

This roadmap will be presented in detail on October 13 in Paris. It will be complemented by workshops in which concrete IS digital transformation projects carried out with Adelia Studio will be detailed, together with best practices for tests and acceptance.

Hardis Group unveils the roadmap for Adelia Studio, its multi-technology development platform