The consulting firm, digital services company and independent software vendor has partnered with DesCodeuses, a non-profit organization set up to prepare women for technology-focused roles and support disadvantaged communities. The partnership builds on Hardis Group’s longstanding commitment to advancing women’s employment in the tech industry—by drawing on its expertise and by encouraging its employees to volunteer their time to further equality and diversity, a key pillar of its CSR policy.

Non-profit organization DesCodeuses was founded in 2018 with a mission to motivate, educate, and empower women from disadvantaged communities by equipping them the knowledge, skills, and support they need to enter tech-focused careers.

Hardis Group’s corporate culture is shaped by the human values that the company embodies and champions—daring to have confidence, flourishing as a team, and having the right to make mistakes.” said Souad Boutegrabet, executive director and CEO of DesCodeuses. “The Group is committed to promoting equality between women and men and, in 2020, it achieved a gender equality index score of 88 out of 100. This is exactly the kind of company to which we want to refer our learners, because we know they’ll thrive and be appreciated..

Logo Les Descodeuses

Hardis Group will support DesCodeuses by:

  • providing financial assistance
  • engaging in skills-sharing initiatives (selection panel, training, feedback, etc.)
  • appointing female employees as role models
  • organizing a hackathon to give learners a chance to work on an ambitious tech project
  • helping the organization expand its footprint outside Paris and into other French regions.
“We’re delighted that this partnership will build on successful in-house initiatives and further advance the cause of women in tech,” said Karim Ogbi, who heads a business unit and is a member of Hardis Group’s Management Committee. “Teaming up with DesCodeuses was a smooth process—they’re skilled and dynamic people who share our determination to act on the social and societal challenges of diversity."