The company posted revenues of €57.2 million, up by 4.6% on 2012. Its operating profit margin rose from 3.62% to more than 6%. This improvements went hand-in-hand with the group's determined shift toward activities based on business value creation and innovative technologies such as mobility and cloud computing.

Hardis Group, a digital services company and business software publisher, announces its results for 2013. Revenues reached €57.2 million, up by 4.6% on 2012 (€54.7 million). Operating profit increased by 75% from €2 million in 2012 to €3.5 million in 2013. Since the first year of its Horizon 2015 three-year plan, Hardis has met its objectives of boosting revenues and improving profitability. For fiscal year 2014, the group is aiming for growth of 7% in revenues and an operating margin of between 7% and 8%.

Profound change in the activity portfolio

In 2013, growth was mainly driven by the increased level of consulting activities upstream of service digitization projects (+150%), private cloud offerings (+15%), development of applications for smartphones and tablets (+200%), improvements to the user experience and logistical processes in the context of multichannel trading, and service-oriented transformation of information systems. "We relied on our expertise to make our activities evolve toward offerings of services that generate more added value for our clients, whether it be in helping them to differentiate themselves from their competitors, to develop their business or to optimize their operating processes," says Nicolas Odet, Deputy Manager of Hardis Group.

This deliberate repositioning toward activities based on value creation and innovative technologies, together with the efforts made over the past two years in industrializing development and delivery processes, also enabled the company to increase its operating margin significantly, from 3.62% to more than 6%. "These results confirm that the course set under our Horizon 2015 three-year plan is starting to pay off," says Yvan Coutaz, Deputy Manager of Hardis group.

Repositioning in four global offerings

In 2014, Hardis will continue to evolve with a view to supporting its clients along the whole length of the digital value chain, from the design of the service through integration with the existing information system and on to its IT development and evolution in agile mode. The group is aiming for growth of 7% in revenues and an operating margin of between 7% and 8%. Substantial investments will be made in innovation and ongoing training of employees in order to align their skills with the strategic positioning.

"Our offering is now organized in accordance with four strategic pillars: improving logistical performance, IT transformation management, digitization of services and optimization of the customer experience. It is aimed primarily at the sectors in which we have recognized expertise: retail distribution, manufacturing industry, energy, logistics, insurance, and banking," Nicolas Odet explains.

As for publishing software for supply chain execution, Hardis aims to double its international sales in the next four years to become the leading European player in the WMS market. 2014 should confirm the growing importance of projects to roll out the Reflex suite worldwide, notably with logistics providers and in the retail distribution sector. With its network of partners, Hardis will also develop offerings for supply chain transformation and optimization for omnichannel trading.

Hardis Group reveals its results for 2013: a pivotal year for the group