In 2016 Hardis Group plans to increase its global workforce by nearly 20%, with 130 vacancies throughout France, experts and young graduates in its core activities: service digitization, management and transformation of information systems, data intelligence, cloud, and improving logistics performance.

Hardis Group, a digital services company and software publisher, announces a recruitment plan for 130 new employees, for its sites in Grenoble, Lyon, Paris, Nantes and Lille. They are looking for expert and young graduate profiles, whose experience, expertise, determination and commitment will help to address the major strategic areas identified by the group in the short and medium term.

A new three-year strategic plan

In 2015, Hardis Group posted a turnover of €68.8 million, an organic growth of 10.8 % as compared to 2014. By 2018, Hardis Group expects a growth of over 35%: sales should be around €94 million and the work force close to 985 employees spread between the headquarters in Grenoble, the four agencies (Lyon, Paris, Nantes, Lille) and new international locations.

"Our new three-year plan, known as Hardis Group 2018 : c’est nous (Hardis Group 2018: that's us) is based on three driving forces: the development of collective intelligence and well-being at work, innovation and entry into international markets", says Nicolas Odet, CEO of Hardis Group.

130 vacancies in France: expert and young graduate profiles

To support its strategy, Hardis Group plans by late 2016 to integrate more than one hundred employees, with expert or young graduate profiles. Three-quarters of the jobs will be in the Rhône-Alpes-Auvergne region (60% in Grenoble, 15% in Lyon), with 20% in Paris and 5% in Nantes. Among the expert profiles sought are positions for directors and project managers, PMOs, scrum masters, business analysts, solution architects, salesforce architects, service delivery managers, application infrastructure architects, information system security specialists and business consultants (for the supply chain activity). The strong growth of the publishing business for logistics solutions and service centers (insurance, distribution, energy, public sector) allows Hardis Group to offer opportunities to young research and development engineering graduates (mobile, .Net, Java, PHP, J2EE, Angular JS).

"For all our activities, we are looking for employees motivated by a company in which initiative is a reality and skills development an essential way forward. We are looking for quality candidates, open to mobility and international projects, who will share the company's values and our vision for the future", said Marie-Agnès Brochier, Hardis Group HR Director.

Innovation, initiative and skills transfer

"In 2015, in an in-house survey, 80% of employees said that they were proud of Hardis Group and 85% say it is a good place to work", adds Marie-Agnès Brochier. Recognizing the key role of human resources in the success of its projects, in 2014 Hardis Group's human resources department deployed a skills management program designed to develop and promote the know-how and interpersonal skills of its employees. In 2016, along with the training and certifications proposed, the emphasis is on initiative and collective intelligence. Hardis Group encourages all its employees to take part in the innovation process and in creating new offers (or in changing existing offers).

"We support initiative, co-construction and accountability in our activities, whatever these may be in the company. Every employee can help to give new momentum to the process", explains Marie-Agnès Brochier.

In parallel, Hardis Group is involved in the Digital Grenoble Campus and works with universities, engineering and business schools such as INSA, MIAGE and GEM, in co-building and running multidisciplinary training projects: educational committees, seminars, conventions, student projects, MOOC, and continuing education for its employees.

Hardis Group is recruiting 130 new employees