Coupled with Exlabel, Reflex WMS is able to automate management of electronic data interchange (EDI) and the labels of more than 100 carriers, mostly parcels and express.

Hardis Group, a digital services company and software publisher, announces a partnership with TDI, publisher of the Exlabel shipping label management solution. Interfaced with the Reflex WMS warehouse management solution, Exlabel enables shippers to edit labels and send transport orders complaint with the requirements of more than 100 carriers (mainly parcels and express), or more than 500 national and international transport services.

Exlabel automates editing of labels, transport documents and EDI announcement files in compliance with the specifications of each carrier. Coupled to Reflex WMS, the TDI solution facilitates exchanges with parcel and express services, taking into account the requirements of each carrier, without having to develop (and maintain) specific interfaces with each of them. It is available as web services, and pre-configured to cover all the Reflex WMS processes (pre- and post-packing, packaging, single-line and multi-line orders, etc.) and integrates rapidly into the logistics information system.

This partnership with TDI complements Hardis Group's existing offer, which formerly proposed 8 connectors with major parcel and express carriers. It provides customers with more flexibility to quickly select and change carriers, with a turnkey solution and charged according to use.

About TDI

Founded in 1999, TDI develops innovative software (Expedito Premium) and web services (Exlabel and Extracking) for companies from different strategic areas of activity: trade, distribution, e-commerce and logistics.
TDI's expertise is based on shipping management: choice of carrier, editing specific routing labels, electronic data interchange (EDI), tracking, reverse logistics and monitoring the transport budget.
TDI's uniqueness lies in the integration of the specifications of more than 100 domestic and international carriers.

Hardis Group partners with TDI for the management of shipping labels